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  1. Tom Brown

    Wakeboarding with a winch

    I've seen a few of these but these guys seem to have a particularly long winch run. Looks like fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2ATyNx4-1g
  2. Tom Brown

    Add a caption

  3. Tom Brown

    Should self-driving vehicles be banned?

    If these vehicles are programmed to not speed or make traffic law violations, it could cost a lot of money for local governments. That would obviously trigger a tax increase response. Maybe it's best to ban them now? What do you guys think?
  4. Tom Brown

    Vacuum surprise

    :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwdF01WsZYg
  5. Tom Brown

    How about a Hillary Clinton / Sarah Palin ticket?

    It could be the ultimate uniting force in Government.
  6. Tom Brown

    The list of things that are better when drunk

    Let's make a list of things that are better when drunk. I'll start with: porn
  7. Tom Brown

    Overhead door question

    I have a garage with low ceiling height. Door = 9x7. Does anyone know how much height I need above the door opening for the springs/pulleys/shaft? It has a one piece, non-folding door right now.
  8. Tom Brown

    The cleanest CVX-20 I've ever seen

    Back when I was running CarlsonSpeed.com, a guy wandered into the forum and mentioned he was going to restore a CVX-20. We got that a lot. He didn't make much fuss about having big ideas and he didn't ask questions. Odd. It turned out, he was a friend of Art Carlson. Art told him that he...
  9. Tom Brown

    Fire pit

  10. Tom Brown

    What a great Desert Storm!

    Ann and I send a huge thank you for the amazing hospitality. It was great to meet so many members and make a ton of new friends. We're super tired and still jacked up on adrenaline from the event. We're in Las Vegas today and will be home by Wednesday night. Thanks again to everyone. See...
  11. Tom Brown

    Anyone have a 22p Trophy?

    Looking for one. Used. Doesn't have to be perfect.
  12. Tom Brown

    OptiMate 6

    After reading countless testimonials and stories from people I trust on a couple of forums, I picked up an OptiMate 6 several months ago. I haven't tried to revive any batteries from the dead with it but it has restored quite a bit of capacity to a bank of car batteries I picked up at a wrecker...
  13. Tom Brown

    What do you make of the Chelsea Clinton pregnancy?

    Do you suppose it's real or did Hillary manipulate the situation to help her get elected?
  14. Tom Brown

    Solenoid engine

  15. Tom Brown

    Any opinions on rotating laser levels?

    I'm thinking of picking one up. I like the Hilti PR20 but the price cuts pretty deep. Any opinions?
  16. Tom Brown

    Cordless tool battery evolution

    There are a few tool items that I want to document. We'll start with lithium based tool batteries. Lithium batteries are built with a chemistry that has an active lifespan. Typical cells are good for about five years, if not abused. Even a cell that has hardly been used will rapidly lose...
  17. Tom Brown

    Anyone stay at the Rio in Vegas?

    Any good? Do they have the resort fees like hotels on the strip?
  18. Tom Brown

    Colbert to replace Letterman in 2015.

    Did not see that coming.
  19. Tom Brown

    The proper way to solder a sweat joint

    :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV8boURmByU
  20. Tom Brown

    Edward Snowden receives Ridenhour price for truth-telling

    Along with journalist Laura Poitras for illuminating the depth of the NSA spying situation.