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  1. badluck24/7

    DEF Diesel Trucks

    Who here has actually had DEF related issues with their def diesel truck? Was window shopping over the weekend and was looking at a used 2018 GM truck and the salesman actually told me that I don’t want a newer diesel because of all the def issues. I daily drive an older GM diesel so I’m...
  2. badluck24/7

    GM P0402 Engine Code

    2007 Silverado LBZ Duramax, P0402 - EGR A Flow Excessive Detected. Didn't find much on this code directly related to the Duramax but I read EGR and think $$. Get a CEL light when trying to get onto freeway at speed or throttling down to pass. No issues while city driving. Only under throttle...
  3. badluck24/7

    Harley Davidson Springer

    2002 Harley Davidson Springer FXSTS, carbureted 88cu inch, 5-spd, ~27.5k miles. HD Deluxe seats, rear fender assembly, floor boards, k&n, paint is good. Will throw in original fender, seat, and other misc parts if price is right. Good bike just can’t ride as much anymore. $5500 obo
  4. badluck24/7

    Ram 1500 Truck Issues?

    Any major issues with say 2018-2019 Ram 1500 trucks with the Hemi and 8 speed auto? I’m asking about the last generation truck not the new 2019-2020 trucks. Are they good? Are they junk? Reliability issues? How well do they tow your boats or trailers? Have a family member stuck on buying one but...
  5. badluck24/7

    What Is This Awesomeness

    Got passed by this but was able to take a pic in the Gorge. What make/model is this? I tried talking to him but couldn’t yell over the engine and stereo. Pic edited for privacy.
  6. badluck24/7

    Holiday Weekend

    The holiday weekend has officially started. Saw so much stupid that we got off the water early. Staying away until after the 4th. What about you?
  7. badluck24/7


    Saw this at Pirates. The boat name caught my eye and then I saw it was an Interceptor. The name could mean anything but my first thought was the drama here on RDP. Good looking boat.
  8. badluck24/7

    Room for Activities

    First reaction is WTF. Then it grows on you. :eek:
  9. badluck24/7

    HD Gas Trucks

    Think there will be any deals this year on 2019 heavy duty gas trucks since the 2020 models will be released later this year? I’m thinking about a new GM 2500 6.0 gas or Ford 250 6.2 gas. I’ve got two older trucks and might get rid of both and treat myself to a new truck if the deals are there...
  10. badluck24/7

    Diesel to Gas

    Has anyone recently gone from diesel to a gas pickup? And been happy with that decision? I’ve got a 2007 ccsb lbz and been thinking about upgrading to a newer truck and it just seems like a gas truck makes sense at this point. I’m not towing anything heavier than the boat right now but the next...
  11. badluck24/7

    Stuck in 4wd?

    2007 2500hd Lbz ccsb Noticed a new ‘whining’ type noise as I got on the freeway this morning. Sounds like it’s coming from the front end. Sounds the same sitting in driver and passenger side so not dominant on one side. Gets louder as speed increases. 2hi light is on and no messages in the dic...
  12. badluck24/7

    Inmate Camaro?

    Discuss... lol
  13. badluck24/7

    Misc. Parts

    Don’t want to ship. Prefer a local pick up. Send PM Summit Blueprinted HEI SUM-850001R Never used $80
  14. badluck24/7

    Trailer Light Issue

    The issue: Connect boat trailer lights to truck and trailer lights act like a bad ground. Example, step on brake and all but two trailer lights come on. Or turn on all lights and one tail light is brighter than the other. It’s obvious there’s power but checked the truck side connector anyway...
  15. badluck24/7

    What Is This?

    What is this Ram/Jeep contraption?
  16. badluck24/7

    Mud Flaps

    I still tow my boat back and forth from socal to the river. I know it’s just dumb luck but I switched from stockish tires to all terrain tires and noticed a couple rock chips and dents in the bow of my boat after this trip. Anybody running removable mud flaps or something better? Show and tell...
  17. badluck24/7

    Website Not Secure

    Anybody else getting this when you log in? Is it my phone or something else?
  18. badluck24/7

    RDP Client Shuttle?

    Why do I want this so badly? https://mohave.craigslist.org/bod/d/1981-delta-van-cruiser-26/6563971081.html
  19. badluck24/7

    [WTS] 1969 Roadrunner

    Message me for owner contact info. 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Mildly built aluminum head 383ci based engine, TorqueFlite 727 trans with manual valve body, 3.91 gears, Bucket seats, Paint and vinyl top done around 1990, Usual Mopar rust spots, Real Roadrunner not a Satellite or Belvedere, Not a...
  20. badluck24/7


    http://www.monsterpalooza.com/spring/ Anybody been to this before? Worth the cost of admission?