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  1. Todd Mohr

    Boating Content

  2. Todd Mohr

    What time does the store open this morning

    I want to come by and get a cooler if they are in stock. Thanks Todd
  3. Todd Mohr

    RDP RV Braintrust

    What are your thoughts on this unit https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2008-Gulf+Stream-CRESCENDO+324+FRED-5012342503 I would be using it for river trips and local Phoenix lakes, will be towing a Mach 22. Is the Cummings 300hp reliable and is it enough for a short 32 ft coach?
  4. Todd Mohr

    Body Beach

    I'm bringing my jetskis to Havasu next week and was going to hang out at Body Beach one day, can you get down there with 2wd? What's the best way to get there, I've only driven by in my boat?
  5. Todd Mohr

    Kudos to Ron at IMCO Nv

    I was boating at Canyon Lake Az on Tuesday of this week, my steering rams started leaking bad, made it back to the launch ramp luckily. When I got home I removed them and took them to work weds morning. I called IMCO and Ron said get them over ASAP, I overnighted them and they got to IMCO on...
  6. Todd Mohr

    Need help with steering rams

    I was out at the lake yesterday and both steering rams were leaking so bad that the system got so low on fluid that the steering went out completely. I have both rams off and ready to ship out for rebuild. Any suggestions? Hoping for a quick turn around so I can do the Lower River Run on the...
  7. Todd Mohr

    Corona Virus Numbers

    Az population- aprox 7 million Current unemployment- aprox 30% = 2.1 million Current Corona cases- aprox 1800 Current Az Corona deaths - 42 So for every Corona case 1167 people became unemployed and for every death 50,000 people are unemployed. My question is- Is the cure or containment worse...
  8. Todd Mohr

    Yuma RDP’ers please advise

    I may be looking at a job transfer to Yuma, it will be a good opportunity if I decide to take it. My questions are- Where to live, schools etc. Are there bad areas? Am I crazy to consider moving from Phoenix? Please chime in with any thoughts. Thanks Todd
  9. Todd Mohr

    Best place on the river or Havasu to camp with a RV?

    I'm thinking of getting a new Class A, it will be my 4th one so I don't need advice on what to buy. I'm asking for advise on what is the best place to park for the weekend. I will be towing my boat and will need a place to launch and I would want to leave the boat in overnight. I will be coming...
  10. Todd Mohr

    Phoenix Prop Repair

    Is there a recommended shop in Phoenix that is trusted to work on cleaver props? They are off my 2.5 mercs, just need to remove some minor dings. Thanks Todd
  11. Todd Mohr

    Parker Trailer Parks

    I'm thinking of buying a Destination Trailer to put in a park on the strip semi permanently. I'd like to be able to rent in the winter to snowbirds to offset costs. Does anyone have ant thoughts or recommendations? Thanks Todd
  12. Todd Mohr

    New Member

    Moved to Az a couple years ago and try to get to the river 3-4 times a year. I bought my DCB 2 years ago and am learning about Mercury 2.5's. I also hit the local Phoenix lakes as well. Looking forward to meeting some like minded boaters. I have owned a boat for over 30 years, everything from...