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  1. jetboatperformance

    Waking up early sucks.

    3AM wake up to pee wide awake , I turn on the bedroom TV set the sleep timer for 30 minutes lean over take a shot of Nyquil Next stop 8:00 am
  2. jetboatperformance

    do you make gaskets ?

    do you make gaskets ?
  3. jetboatperformance

    Hi Tom, can you get my boat ready for my weeks vacation coming up?

    Update " Service Master" bid $ 2200 to clean and treat this "stinky ass" rat infested boat so the Owner says "Fuk that I'll clean it my self"............... I say Doc thats awesome cause we dont want no Hunta virus PLUS the live one (Rat) Josh saw might still be lurking more details later
  4. jetboatperformance

    Another life mystery

    Pro tip .... If you leave your laundry in the dryer you dont need to fold it , ya just bump the on button for few seconds and freshly ironed warm skivies T shirts and sox are at your finger tips I Tell Rhonda its my Aux "underwear drawer"
  5. jetboatperformance

    I know there’s some smart wise RD pees on here ….

    If a 21' Jetboat has a 455 Olds and Jacuzzi jet will it run better with a 3/4 RV cam
  6. jetboatperformance

    Want some inspiration (Dolly Parton interview today)

    I was on the road this AM and listened to Her on Fox This Lady Rocks ! https://www.foxnews.com/video/6353605478112
  7. jetboatperformance

    Home Schooling

    Congratulations on the Hard work and dedication you and your family should be very proud !
  8. jetboatperformance

    New CA speeding law coming?

    Considering traffic rolls at around 80 to 85 now this could present some issues 😂 😂 😂 😂
  9. jetboatperformance

    Mazda Iconic SP

    In the mid 70s I was asked to deliver a Mazda rotary to Salinas by the body shop at the dealer I worked at. The trip was from SLO , the chase car was a New 442 Olds driven by a salesman's daughter several times on the long stretches She and I raced and each time the little Mazda blew her...
  10. jetboatperformance

    Did You Ever Think.........

    LOL just watched a "a Simple Favor" worst bunch of Potty mouthed women ever . "Fuks" numbered in the hundreds
  11. jetboatperformance

    To vicious13 aka BHCVic

    Love means never having to say your sorry 😍
  12. jetboatperformance

    International Shipping (New Engine)

    Contact info ?
  13. jetboatperformance

    What tolerance!

    Congratulations ! 49 years and counting , Here just dont know How She does it either 😍
  14. jetboatperformance

    International Shipping (New Engine)

    Yes on the Pallet and crate wood , my vendor knows the "drill" had to do this for NZ a couple years back . Not looking for cheap I'm not paying the bill , reliable and safe this is a high 5 figure deal want to make it a solid one TY
  15. jetboatperformance

    International Shipping (New Engine)

    Hello Brain trust I have a complete LS 6.2 appropriately crated and ready to Ship to Italy , anyone here have an International "hook up" , We recently shipped to Finland and for example there are "Finnish specific" Shippers Thanks in advance
  16. jetboatperformance

    Hi Tom, can you get my boat ready for my weeks vacation coming up?

    This my friends is what happens when you live in a rural setting, depending on how and where you keep your boat in this case, my good friend has a barn and apparently critters
  17. jetboatperformance

    Dog pain relief

    My Golden Retriever was on Tramadol for the last two years of His life but I Think it led to organ failure despite the pain relief
  18. jetboatperformance

    KIA blown engine - recommendations?

    In My world of damage inspections on these and others Its imperative to keep service records be they repair orders or simply receipts /cc slips showing oil and filter changes in particular . Without proof can be terms for denial That said if anyone needs pointers, tips etc or info on these I'm...
  19. jetboatperformance

    Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    Stay Home and enjoy the peace , quiet and serenity of my castle