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    Joe Rogan and Terrence Howard 🤯

    It’s a good one! Absolutely OUT THERE but entertaining as all hell. Not sure what to believe nowadays but the norm and science should always be opened to being questioned.
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    RDP’s new float for 2024!

    Aaron and Cheryl at absolute are awesome! Therlir work in fantastic and their ability to squeeze you in and communicate is such a bonus. I highly recommend them. They are doing a top end refresh on my brothers Daytona right now and found shavings in the drive that was supposedly rebuilt by...
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    Another truck question...

    I drive 75-78 with a full car and bed loaded with probably 300lbs. Average 28-30 depending on traffic, A/C etc.
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    Another truck question...

    I recently sold my dually and bought one. Best truck over ever owned. I’ve hauled 9,000lbs with it and very impressed. I did the Chevy but like the look of the gmc’s just didn’t want to spend the extra coin for it. Either way you are in great shape. If you want a Chevy hit us Jason at selman. He...
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    SOLD Luke Combs Concert Tickets - Phoenix Sat June 1, 2024

    Your title says May 1st FYI.
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    Cool car. Are you going to sell that bobcat 753 in the background?
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    [WTS] WTS 1956 chevy 210 post

    I definitely have to ask!
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    1988 Hallett Vector Build

    Gary do you have a plan on how to thread these on once they are welded up?
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    120 months

    But you had to choose that over the rebates right? They call it 2.9% financing but you lose thousands of dollars in rebates if you choose their financing. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I went down this rabbit hole with them a couple months ago. They will only give you one or the other...
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    1993 Hallett 210 open bow

    “Bump” just means to leave a comment on your other threads you posted. That “bumps” it back up to the top of the list.
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    1993 Hallett 210 open bow

    Any reason you keep making a new add? You can bump the old one instead.
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    New year new TOAD / TOWED

    Here is two options. One above and one below your price range but both 4wd and set up with blue ox tow bar already.
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    2008 Cougar MTR 27

    How many hours on the hull? Was v10 rebuilt?
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    What are my options? 454 possibly cracked block

    I have another boat option so time is not critical.
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    What are my options? 454 possibly cracked block

    He thinks it froze. It blew a freeze plug so could it have cracked and Blew a freeze plug? Trying to understand how it did both- or if it did both. What do you mean by your engines are no core? Does that mean you build a motor but don’t want core in return?
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    What are my options? 454 possibly cracked block

    He put new freeze plugs and ran it a few times and a few oil changes. Keeps finding water. Not a lot because he hasn’t ran it long.
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    What are my options? 454 possibly cracked block

    My buddy has had a 1998 commander 21’ jet boat that would be perfect for our days on Parker. Our mutual friend owned it and took it up to Idaho when he moved from havasu a couple years ago. When they decided to sell my buddy went up and grabbed it. Unfortunately it was around zero degrees out...
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    The great Debate Gas VS Diesel.

    I recently went from a 3500 ram dually to a 1500 baby DMAX and couldn’t be happier. Hauled my 29’ Lavey with zero issues and actually way better than I ever hoped. Plus it’s my daily driver and I average 29mpg. I don’t know anyway to say it other than it’s the absolute best all around truck I’ve...
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    Car dealer/sales people weigh in…

    I just bought a 3.0 Chevy diesel as my daily driver. It has all kinds of shit that adds to the cost I have no interest in. Truck won’t let you shift unless the seat belt is engaged. Auto stop at every red light. How much are those accessories adding to your cost and nobody wants them?