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    Lifting tuff sheds and sea containers

    My box tare weight is 9360. Using those single wheel kits on the rear of the box means you’re gonna have about 7-8-9000 tongue weight. That’s 10K forklift territory. My big problem has shown to be overall height. My box is a high-cube. 9 1/2 feet tall. My Carport (which the box must...
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    Lifting tuff sheds and sea containers

    I’m currently building tandem axle running gear and a bolt-on tongue for my 40 foot box I just bought last Friday. Sherpa
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    Apparently she still likes me.

    Awesome story! In may of 1980 I was 18 and 5 months old, graduated the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend. Had my 1962 Chevy C10 my parents bought new. And just about nothing else. Worked the year off before going to Butte College. Best friend and I bought a house together at 22...
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    Just realized it’s memorial weekend.

    My Memorial Day weekend was always at the Red Bluff Boat Drags. It was always a blast. Until the fish huggers sold out the people and the diversion dam was dismantled. Now there is no lake to race on. The whole river above that dam the water levels were about 12 feet higher more miles...
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    Ca gas tax about to get stupid

    F-this continued rape of drivers here. Maybe I just should start running red dye in my dodge. I never got dipped in my 90 f-250 4x4 x cab. Roads still suck. CHP is doing law work in Bakersfield now, why not run red dye….
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    Retro Ads Were The Best

    A close friend who did mechanic out of his home garage had a calendar that was about 15 years old and always kept on a specific month. That gal was really hot. He said he’s never changing the page. Lol
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    Stupid Stuff I did as a Teenager……..

    Ghost riding shopping carts at the Kmart parking lot. Using my friends dads pickup, reach out the window, grab the front of the cart and drive up to about 70 then release it into parking curbs. Shopping carts can and do really fly! Lawn jobs of those we didn’t like. Stealing Christmas...
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    Are You In Your Final Home???

    That house in Parsons TN is awesome!
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    Cinco de Mayo post your photos

    My wife and daughter and I are in London. Not a Single flag, or mention (obviously) of cinco de Mayo here. Lol
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    Good Neighbor Search….

    I like that house. Property is flat. Driveway is flat. Even though the rv garage is a drive thru, I’d add base to the existing and build a small height retaining wall on the garage side for a rear access. Add a shop in back, a pool, and a nice free standing patio cover, etc. killer place...
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    Do a full write up….
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    Anarchy on Our Campuses wtf ?

    It becomes failure to obide by the law instead of just 1st amendment rights once they’ve blocked access and occupied instead of just voicing their opinions. For that it should go like this: All students, non students, and faculty should be arrested with zero bail. Await trial. Faculty fired...
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    Well That Was Fun - Hardin Marine Dual Stage Water Pumps

    food grade silicone is your friend for assembling stuff you cant physically hold yourself.
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    Rumm Rumm Test fire today

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    Current state in Parker today

    Awesome that the bar has the extra ice for customers coolers and they put it in that neat trough! Lol
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    The great train robbery of 2024

    Emperor of the north movie. From 1973. Check out clips on YouTube…..
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    The great train robbery of 2024

    Shoot them all.
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    New to me, 21ft Hallett, Build Thread

    Neighbors thinking: Some homeless dude brought a boat into our neighborhood and is tearing it apart.. Lol. (That would be my neighbors for all my projects anyway)
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    How did my anniversary become celebrated as a dope holiday?

    Yep, married 33 years today. Wouldn’t change a thing. 3 great daughters, a great life. Glory to God. Time for beers later.. Sherpa
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    One less pedo in the world

    I couldn’t really tell.. was the guy trying to bite the cops arm???