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  1. Spudsbud

    The Mirage, Closing

    This July. bye bye https://www.yahoo.com/news/date-set-closure-mirage-way-185327800.html
  2. Spudsbud

    Sometimes life throws you lemons, other times it warms your heart

    Nothing better developmentally & physically than HS sports! Keep him playing in whatever he likes! Both my kids were 2 sport athletes in HS. Made many friends & it kept them in great shape!
  3. Spudsbud

    Fla, couple weeks

    well....... there was suppose to be a video!
  4. Spudsbud

    Fla, couple weeks

    a few days on CWB Tolerable !
  5. Spudsbud

    OK, Bug guys?? input sougjt !

    Im at my sons house in Tampa. He has a real problem with, "New Guinee Flat Worms" very small. They nest deep so granules etc... dont work. They give off a neuro toxinif touched. dangerous for kids pets etc..... real pita tia Jim
  6. Spudsbud

    In need of some inmate support

    Just seeing this thread now for the 1st time. 04/24. Congrats Dave ! Power of the Pen !!
  7. Spudsbud

    Me and my mom

    I'll play.... Not me, but the eldest kid/cousin in our family, with my Mom. summer of 1950. Cousin Sharon, now 75 I think.... Mom was a Qtee, & new married. I didnt appear on scene til'59 ! Next.....
  8. Spudsbud

    Me and my mom

    +1......... what kid ??
  9. Spudsbud

    Key West

    Fabulous pix buddy. nice, you brought your niece along..... : ~ )
  10. Spudsbud

    Tropicana, closing today at noon !

    My folks were RatPack peeps. My uncle had connections thru his electrical supply business 50;s thru the 70's. They were in Vegas anytime The Boys were there. for years...... My Mom, stole an ashtray from every hotel they stayed at. Which is what the Mgmnt wanted. Their name on the ashtray on...
  11. Spudsbud

    Tropicana, closing today at noon !

    End of an era..... ohh if those walls could talk. https://www.yahoo.com/news/mob-era-casino-closing-las-151304004.html
  12. Spudsbud

    Watch enthusiasts, the Paul Newman Rolex:

    His original Chrono, worn when he filmed "LeMans, sold for tens of millions I recall. Newman & McQueen........ Legends..
  13. Spudsbud

    Sam Bankman "Fried"

  14. Spudsbud

    Best tow video I've seen....

    punchlines requested !! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4qNs_CLzmO/?igsh=NG5xOTZzeTYwcGFo
  15. Spudsbud

    Rug Pulled Out, dementia is a bitch

    I went thru this in 2017 & 2019 with both my folks, then, in their mid late 90's. Gone now. I can offer input if you need it. 1 thing absolute. While your Mom is still with it. Find a good Estate lawyer. Get every single thing they have in that Trust, set up accordingly for when the inevitable...
  16. Spudsbud

    Dave, you need one !

    Room in the garage ? https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4lGtherjjO/?igsh=MW83bnY2MGRkM2h4YQ==
  17. Spudsbud

    What a bunch of Jackasses!!

    How ????? were they apprehended ?? I'm betting social media bigmouth ..?
  18. Spudsbud

    Here you go RD

    Time enough to inaugurate at DS ? month away ? very nice btw....
  19. Spudsbud

    Brutal beating after school Missouri

    Tazer. More effective "instantly" but no permanent damage. Just immediately defuse the situaton. (or mace spray) I bought 1 for each, my daughter & DIL. Nothing wrong with being legally prepared......