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  1. xlint89

    2x4, 2x6 or metal wall studs

    Steel is recyclable. Wood I guess can be… but it’s also deforestation. So, not sure? What would greta do?
  2. xlint89

    Skunkworks are in the crosshairs.

    They always use aliens to distract the public from what’s really going on…, Epstein, hunter xiden, southern border, etc….
  3. xlint89

    2x4, 2x6 or metal wall studs

    3 things I haven’t seen mentioned, 1. Steel is not affected by bugs, if you have problems with termites in you area, 2. Fireproof, obviously 3. They’re green. You can tell your tree hugger friends your house is recyclable.
  4. xlint89

    Climate change

    Tranny hooker?
  5. xlint89

    It's a Wednesday Feel Good Story Boyzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

    It's about time every shop owner buys an excavator and a little property.
  6. xlint89

    When a rapper says "LA is finished"

    Yep.... https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/san-francisco-naked-woman-shoots-gun-cars-video/
  7. xlint89

    Hit The Road RINO

    Yep, I see no difference between the 2.
  8. xlint89


    Did you here that China? We have low ammunition reserves, low military enlistment, and low oil reserves. It doesn't matter, Uncle Jao will take you out back like he threatened that factory worker.
  9. xlint89

    Are You Sleeping?

    Meatloaf was the biggest racist of all. Baby, bay, let me sleep on it.... I'll give an answer in the moooornin'
  10. xlint89

    In-n-Out says F-U

    No. That's a whole ass
  11. xlint89

    In-n-Out says F-U

    I don't get the idiots that wear the mask under their nose? If you're going to wear a mask, fine. But half-ass wearing it is just dum..... 🥴
  12. xlint89

    8 Years Old

    Children are our future. That article sums up where we're heading for sure.
  13. xlint89

    Of Course………Cuck

    Oh, I get that. The 2 together are just a couple of bitches.
  14. xlint89

    Here comes full assault on the 2A.

    US citizens are the original Homeland Security.
  15. xlint89

    The Jan. 6th Circle Jerk

    Too creamy
  16. xlint89

    It’s just one sniff

    Anyone that wants to take a pic with that pedo is mentally ill.
  17. xlint89

    Honk Honk MLB

    Just in case you want to feel some foul balls. ;)
  18. xlint89

    Of Course………Cuck

    So why are they splitting up? He's obviously a bitch. What's up with that ....... 🤷‍♀️