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  1. JB in so cal

    Great Outdoors

    Starting now AMC
  2. JB in so cal

    Blue Angels on Amazon

    Really great photography, good inside looks. Covers how they turn over the team from year to year. Good 90 minutes spent
  3. JB in so cal

    Flower Full Moon

    Say you're in Cancun without saying you're in Cancun😎
  4. JB in so cal

    Backyard Audio-Video ?

    2011 shit was hard life!
  5. JB in so cal

    Backyard Audio-Video ?

    Will my dial up modem handle all of this if spotify is blasting away☺
  6. JB in so cal

    Propane Forklift Ban

  7. JB in so cal

    Flying into Havasu

    Well if you loan me the $700k I'd be glad to make the same no stress trip. Good on you!
  8. JB in so cal

    $4000 Costco gift card, need ideas

    Must have been a nice trip. Glad you shared
  9. JB in so cal

    Parker water level strikes again.

    we were camping at Big Bend years ago and in the morning we all got out of our tents and campers and noticed a 23 lavey on the beach that wasn't there at midnight. It was high and dry. As we were talking and moving around , the motor hatch popped open and some dude stands up and...
  10. JB in so cal

    Members at the Islander

  11. JB in so cal

    Members at the Islander

    Just checked a past invoice and electric is about $40 a month and we usually did Friday 5:00 to Sunday am. 2 AC during day, one at night, cart charging, boat charging etc
  12. JB in so cal

    On a lighter note - Political jokes & memes

    @rmarion go outside. Sunshine heals....slow down
  13. JB in so cal

    Members at the Islander

    Ian how old is your hauler?
  14. JB in so cal

    Members at the Islander

    Our rig is in the body shop. Late start if at all. May try Parker; maybe Black Meadow again. Have to admit it's kind of nice spending weekends at home. Well do some trips to mission bay and a bunch out of Dana Point. If you drop your keys in front of 244, kick them down the street....
  15. JB in so cal

    Well, life just got a whole lot better

    Awsome! Congrats!
  16. JB in so cal

    Uc Irvine take down now channel 7

    Its Irvine...
  17. JB in so cal

    Do you have insurance on your boat?

    He'll if I knew about the umbrella I would've crawled over to your site when I messed up my knee lol
  18. JB in so cal

    Key Biscayne Teen Girl Killed

    If she was Jewish, quick funerals are a thing
  19. JB in so cal

    Arson or lithium batteries?

    Possible homeless was seen on CCTV and mgr was contacted and then another call 10 minutes later saying fire dept needed him there
  20. JB in so cal

    Young Brit DESTROYS the Scum Establishment Whore Pelosi

    I think Paul was still suffering from the hammer strikes...he kept leaning farther and farther away from Nancy