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  1. 135pilot

    Cutting Edge 31 pitch 5 bld cleaver.

    Wondering the same. Interested
  2. 135pilot

    Magic Deck Boats

    Thanks guys!
  3. 135pilot

    Magic Deck Boats

    Bumping an old thread to ask the question. Does anyone have an idea of who owns or uses the magic deck/Sceptor molds? Some people say horizon motorsports. Others are saying they were taken out to the east coast.
  4. 135pilot

    Prop help

    How would one check if it has been tuned? Take it to a shop and download the map from the engine computer?
  5. 135pilot

    Prop help

    Yeah that’s the goal, less RPMs at a cruise speed and some top end. You think a 30p would be too much for it to get on plane?
  6. 135pilot

    Prop help

    83mph @ 5800 WOT. Bimini down, three people and half tanks.
  7. 135pilot

    Prop help

    Hey all, I’m looking for some input on a magic Scepter prop size. I got a 525EFI, bravo XR (1:50 ratio), currently has a 26P for a prop. Was wondering if anyone has used a 28P or even a 30P, or experimented with the three? Thanks!
  8. 135pilot

    Interior/hatch Referral

    Anyone know of a reputable place that would redo a hatch in Lake Havasu or SoCal? Not a fan of the aero scoop, and I’d like to go back to a cleaner look. And have the rear seats done. Thanks!
  9. 135pilot

    Shoot me a text if you are still interested in selling your boat 9517195869

    Shoot me a text if you are still interested in selling your boat 9517195869
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    Havasu RV Garage Addition

    Those wall mounted AC units are great idea! Gonna have to keep this in my back pocket of ideas.
  11. 135pilot

    Mini-Schiada Resto

    That’s probably the sickest one I’ve seen yet. Totally jealous!
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    Interested! Message me!