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  1. Lucky Larry

    WTH Covid again

    Prayers sent. 🙏✝️🙏 piss on fauci, piss on china, piss on our gov’t. “Mrs.”
  2. Lucky Larry

    Lavey 27 Sabre Trailer Neeed

    You were camped next my friends last year . Nice boat. You could solve both our problems if you just sold the boat to me
  3. Lucky Larry

    Ehrenberg Bridge

    That had to be interesting. Larry likes to get where he’s going . . . I like to take the road less traveled and see things I’ve never seen before. I ALMOST went straight one day thinking the road had to come out near 4 Corners . . . I just might have to try that. 😬 “Mrs..”
  4. Lucky Larry

    Ehrenberg Bridge

    It’s just a quick 5 minute detour thru more farm fields. Someone took one of the blinking delineators at the corner of 7th & I missed my turn. 😳🙄 It is PITCH BLACK out there. 😱 “Mrs.”
  5. Lucky Larry

    Happy Easter

  6. Lucky Larry

    Title question

    Since you’re on the hook for the loan you should stay on title. What if something were to happen to them? Wouldn’t you then be paying for a property without holding the deed? There are ways to stay on title and pass on your interest with a right of survivorship I would think? 🤔 “Mrs.”
  7. Lucky Larry

    Lost my father & have a few Garage Lift questions.

    Condolences on your loss. 😢 “Mrs.”
  8. Lucky Larry

    Vegas Dinner

    Off topic ~ but you should try to hit up the Dream Home if you have time. Best part of the show last year. We didn’t take the bus ~ we got the address and drove ourselves on the way back to Parker the last day. Badges got us in. Post up pics. Larry wanted to go again ~ but getting...
  9. Lucky Larry

    Vegas Dinner

    I’ve been hooked on Bonefish Grill and their Bang Bang Shrimp. 😋 Not baller style like most other suggestions but reasonable and food has always been good. I try to stop twice when we fly in/out of McCarren. (ya, piss on Reid). “Mrs.”
  10. Lucky Larry


    Two guys standing outside Safeway the other day talking about it being low. I said. “we just noticed that.” Ooh boy did I get the stink eye, shut up bitch dirty look. 😁 That would normally send me in deeper but I was nice and let it go. I could tell he was pissed, as he barked. ‘we have a...
  11. Lucky Larry

    Fatality on 95 just S of havasu

    Very sad. That road is now busy all day every day. I had to drive it the other day & hit torrential downpours both ways. 😖 Of course it was clear and dry while in Havasu. There are so many idiots on the roads anymore. “Mrs.”
  12. Lucky Larry


    Not my pic , I left my phone at home. Don’t want to be a negative Nelly but this ought to be interesting. The section on the left is close to water level, compared to the right side. How low will it go with people in there? Not to mention that area isn’t very wide for tying off &...
  13. Lucky Larry

    Team rdp wrightwood CA

    Probably the Yodeler I built a lot of houses up there in the early 90’s. Had a vacation home a block from town and would walk to the bar then try to find my way home! Also took the kids snowboarding after school in the early 2000’s. Great times up there
  14. Lucky Larry

    Newscum, what a fukin idiot

    Had to share ~ friend sent me her nephew’s homework. Too bad he’s home schooled ~ a public school teacher would have lost their mind. “Mrs.”
  15. Lucky Larry

    U.S. Army Soldiers Killed, 24 Injured

    Vote right ~ this will be coming to your towns soon enough. Sorry for the crappy pic ~ was sent from my sister {I sure as s_hit don’t watch cnn.} And yes, my niece just happens to be over there now. Not sure if at her base but we’ve heard she’s o.k. She’s in Intel so she won’t tell us...
  16. Lucky Larry

    Which inmate?

    Dave tried to go commercial. Maybe the real reason he wanted a private flight!!
  17. Lucky Larry

    Need aircraft dry lease / light jet next week

    I was looking for an empty leg flight to Texas a few months ago and was surprised to see one pop up from Avi Suquilla {Parker} to Philly. 😳 Don’t see them out of here very often. “Mrs.”
  18. Lucky Larry

    Wheeler ?

    I was wondering also Maybe get the flat out and do a drive by so he can come running out with his camera! I hope he is ok
  19. Lucky Larry

    Where am I?

    Pine Flat
  20. Lucky Larry

    2x4, 2x6 or metal wall studs

    I always use 2x6 wood studs with r19 or23 insulation. When it was 103 outside it was 75 inside. Staggered 2x4 is not any cheaper when you figure labor involved. I have done 2x6 exterior and metal studs interior non bearing but that was for a drywaller so he installed the interior walls. It was...