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  1. Boatymcboatface

    Have you ever wondered what a real Tweaker looks like?

    Bro I love Yucaipa and would move back any chance I could. 17th isn’t Yucaipa that Dunlop acres! If you know you know.
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    Have you ever wondered what a real Tweaker looks like?

    grew up in Yucaipa so no need to wonder.
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    Speed UTV take 3

    Ring, ring ring (answering machine picks up) Caller “yeah hi I’m calling to gather the shittiest info on your company so I can post about it on the internet on a few different forums. If you could get back to me with information on all your issues that would be great! I can be reached at 867...
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    Julian area

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    Outside Boat or Trailer Storage near the 15 and 60.

    Friend does this out here in Temecula think he’s up to 12 units $125 each. They have a separate entrance so no rules on pick up or drop off just need to text them so they know it’s not getting stolen. It’s been three years and they haven’t had any issues not sure what they do for insurance.
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    Insurance in CA

    They text you a link and it tells you what to take pictures of. Front and back yard, garage,kitchen and bathrooms. Took about 10min had the quote back a little bit after that.
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    Watched him live in Vegas when he opened for kid rock. Don’t really listen to him but He puts on a great show.
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    I love Southern California.

    But you’re in traffic aren’t you?
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    I love Southern California.

    Weather was terrible at the Titleist facility yesterday! Traffic? Nope I didn’t have any.
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    Insurance in CA

    Just had homeowners dropped so renewed with AAA paying the same as before. Moved the RV from progressive to AAA to get a discount on the homeowners. it’s now $2 more a month for the motorhome but the discount on homeowners makes it worth it.
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    Here you go. Ads only 15 hours old. https://redding.craigslist.org/boa/d/anderson-1989-sanger-barefoot-ski-boat/7753905182.html
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    Tips to keep RV Cool

    Yeah we got one from spankys the work great!! Haven’t had an issue since we added these to items to our set up. One of the problems is we have two slide outs so the gaps let in a lot of heat.
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    RZR Tranny

    Would love a follow up post on your car of repairs and maintenance items when you reach 20k miles.
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    Tips to keep RV Cool

    The other added benefit to the portable AC plugged into the 120v outlet is it being on a separate breaker. We got a dog that stays in the motorhome when we go on longer boat trips. If one unit shuts off or breaker trips on coach it’s nice to know you’ve got backup. It’s happened a couple times...
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    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/30/business/zero-down-mortgages-making-a-comeback/index.html Everything’s fine. Now we just need stated income loans to come back.
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    Tips to keep RV Cool

    This x1000! We put one in the back bedroom of our 30ft class c and let the rooftop one handle the rest of the motorhome. I sleep with a comforter in July/august in Parker.
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    A weekend in Parker

    Favorite launch ramp anywhere.
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    Hopefully skiing in Parker the 13-16th!!
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    The Battle at Riveria- then to Jail

    I’ve had the same season tickets to padres for the last 15 years. Great seats and I can count on one hand how many times the seats are empty when we show up. I’ve had a couple people to tell me to check my ticket because they’re positive I’m wrong! I kindly say they’re season tickets and I doubt...