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    [WTS] Conquest Top Cat 1

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    [WTS] PRICE DROP !! 2013 Nordic 29 deck

    Do you see any drop in performance with the 565 running through the SCX? It seems most run that drive with big horsepower although I do see the attraction for reliability with that package. Also did the DTS stay intact with that setup or was it not available in 2013?
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    [WTS] Conquest Top Cat 1

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    OMC to Mercruiser

    Yes, as far as I know Bravo 3 has the same transom assembly as a Bravo 1.
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    OMC to Mercruiser

    Just went through this...the transom cutout is the same. If you have a dog clutch OMC drive you will need to drill 2 additional holes. You could use the inner transom plate from the Bravo as a guide. If you have the big cone clutch King Cobra it's a direct bolt on.
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    1988 Hallett Vector Build

    Had my Vector out yesterday too... also doing a little shakedown. Sorry I missed yours. I would love to check it out.
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    New Bronco?

    Yep, the wife's Bronco won that race by about 8 months. She loves hers... like others say it's a little noisy on the highway but she had a Shelby before and it's pretty noisy too.
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    [WTS] Conquest Top Cat 1

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    Speed UTV take 3

    Hualapai Mountains 6250 Hualapai Mountain Rd Kingman, AZ 86401 Phone: 877.757.0915 Website: parks.mohave.gov Lake Havasu has something to offer everyone — welcoming weather, stunning desert scenery, and a plethora of activities and events that keep even the most restless occupied. But even all...
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    2022 Howard 288

    Will it be coming to Havasu anytime soon?
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    Thursday Cruise In.

    I got a parking ticket this past Thursday for not being in a marked spot...I wasn't on a red curb, not blocking anything and no signs anywhere saying no parking. The police presence was very noticable.
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Unbelievably talented people on this forum...awesome work!
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    Grand National Roadster show this weekend.

    I see my old friend Pete Santini in one of those pics.
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    Robby Gordon didn't steal my money!

    That is all:cool: