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  1. scottchbrite

    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    We poured 24 yards on Thursday. I procrastinated for almost a year on doing it but Now I can finally minimize the dirt getting tracked into the shop. Myself and 5 guys did it in 4.5 hours. My daughter snapped a pic of me yelling and 2 of the guys who couldn’t seem to get along. A few beers...
  2. scottchbrite

    Summer is starting off about as I expected it to...lol

    This is my go to for anything like that. I’ve found some odd hydraulic cylinder parts there when I was a heavy equipment mechanic. https://oringsandthings.com/
  3. scottchbrite

    Insurance in CA

    My home owners insurance actually went down because of my wife’s mistake. We have the super awesome CA fair plan and Farmers for everything else. My wife was late paying the CA fair plan part because her brother passed away and she flat forgot. We had to reapply and they actually lowered it. All...
  4. scottchbrite

    Fire Hydrants Now?!!!

    Yes. I have had them intentionally hit by a vehicle and then pick it up and take off. The FD or water dept have to go out and turn off the valve in the street To stop the water flow.
  5. scottchbrite

    Cheer Comps

    We are a competition dance family for one more competition! They had a regional competition in Escondido today and finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their different classes/styles. They have Nationals in Vegas next month and they are done. They don’t want to dance next year. They got a taste of...
  6. scottchbrite

    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    My last 5 days off have been all concrete prep - Grading, drains, and forms. It will be about 27 yards. I’m sick of the dirt/mud getting tracked into the shop so I’m getting this project done with. Hopefully, the first week of June it’ll be done. I need to go to work tomorrow to rest!
  7. scottchbrite

    Bourbon Thread - Reviews

    Where at? im coming over btw, I Need to drop some fuel jugs off for some ethanol free fuel for the equipment
  8. scottchbrite

    College Tent Sale

    They dont. The ”unhoused” urban campers in my district all have the same tents. When we go to their encampment fires (they constantly burn each other out), we have to ensure all the surrounding exposures aren’t going to catch fire 😉 Its amazing how quickly they rebuild
  9. scottchbrite

    Pool Time

    I owner built my pool, I’m not a tradesman, pool builder, or landscape designer by any means so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think I’d do the slats and then plant something to block the view of the fence. Or could remove it later and do a black iron fence. I don’t like the idea of...
  10. scottchbrite

    BOLO truck stolen in Rialto today sat April 21

    It’s pretty much all bad. There’s very few parts left that are “good” parts unfortunately
  11. scottchbrite

    BOLO truck stolen in Rialto today sat April 21

    San Bernardino? No way…, I am shocked 😳 😂 what part of San bernaghetto was the chop shop at?
  12. scottchbrite

    Cyberattack Takes Frontier Communications Offline = making payment issues?

    No but my wife has been trying to get them to drop an old school phone line in a suite build out for the CA DMV office thats going in Murrieta. They told her they couldn’t due anything because of internal technical difficulties. Then we heard this. Between them and ADT, it’s been a nightmare.
  13. scottchbrite

    Engine run stands anyone ?

    Looks real similar. We had an old MSD 6al on it too.
  14. scottchbrite

    Engine run stands anyone ?

    I built one for a mentor of mine. He builds a lot of stock and super stock carburetors. He needed a “test stand“ for the carbs, so I built him the stand and a big compression/crammed engine to go on it. We also used it for our race cars and what ever other engines we built. Really valuable tool...
  15. scottchbrite

    Railroad Ties for Landscaping & Termites

    All my neighbors use RxR ties vertically with 2x8 to make ranch style fencing. Ive done several stack stone style projects myself. It’s not difficult. The hardest part is digging the footing and making sure the first course is level. After that, it’s just stacking and backfilling as you go...
  16. scottchbrite

    Good snowpack end of season

    We were in Park City last week for some “spring skiing”. I’m glad we brought all the winter gear too. I have a feeling the season will get extended again. We left Saturday and it was still snowing.
  17. scottchbrite

    Is the 2024 Beef Shortage a real thing?

    Jeremy- I just talked to my wife and we’d split something with you. I’m local to you (I think), I’m in Tenaja.
  18. scottchbrite

    Cardioversion with Ketamine

    I’ve given both. Ive never had either. I’ve been told Ketamine is pretty rad. One of the guys I work with broke his ankle in a fire and was given ketamine and he had nothing but praise for it 😀
  19. scottchbrite

    E85 availability

    This. I ran it in <<< said Daytona. Twin turbo BBC. I always brought my own that I tested. There isnt any in Parker as of 4 years ago. Maybe someone has it now.
  20. scottchbrite

    Rex Marine had it, now who does?

    Throwing this out there if anyone needs it- BT1 rub rail in raw, unfinished. I have 4 sticks in socal. make an offer