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    Anyone known this boat?

    Get the 25 way better lake boat.
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    Since Hallett is a big deal.....check this out

    Keep in mind the location of this boat I am betting its been in salt its entire life.
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    Pool redo

    Give C J a call hes been doing some amazing remodels lately only guy we will trust, He s in Mira Loma
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    ICB 26' Kool Kat

    Rumors true the 25 was there also long with the 22 and the 20 and the 28 if he bought the 25 he saw the cat.
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    ICB 26' Kool Kat

    Yes he never saw it the tooling was started by Ron edle than was moved around to a few others and Crusader ended UP with and finished it and made a mold. Jim never saw the finished product before he passed away.
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    ICB 26' Kool Kat

    Is that bottom and deck from the Cole mold thats been laying around for years? Stan @ Crusader did alot of tooling on it awhile back and made a mold I know it was last seen over at Carrera.
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    Tahiti Offshore 23 DECKBOAT

    A month or so ago I had a chance to check this Deckboat out over at IKON trailers they are really building a great boat.The Gel looked great and wasn't ever color sanded or buffed yet, layup was outstanding keep up the good work Iam sure we will be seeing a lot of these on the water.
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    WPM Cats - Yeah or Nay?

    You are right I don't think Tom tooled that 28 I think Carter built that mold and Don did it for him. That boat never ran well its roomy safe deal just not a 90+ set up.
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    ***Craigslist Find*** Older Hallett Vector $10K obo

    That's my old boat I found it on a used car lot in 98 I raced the stock boat class in NWSRA Hi points champ for 3 years, Great boat ran 70 trim out with a skier I ran the piss out it never let me down.The yellow on the deck was bad clear coat that was orig a lot of boats in the era had this...
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    WPM Cats - Yeah or Nay?

    Don Kirby did tooling on the 28 completely different then the wpm that Tom tooled that's why others have that same mold.
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    Nordic lightning deckboat

    Ive driven them and spent a entire summer in one there great ride nice handle well performance with a 496 was low 60s with 1/2 tank and 4 on board.You cant beat the Nordic quality these days. You can always give Thane or John a call for more info
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    Fresh 427 tall blk

    SOLD Full price its going in a tunnel boat
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    Fresh 427 tall blk

    Early model castings 68 to 74 has forged pistons 099 heads that where massage a bit ss valves roller rockers 10 qt pan milds cam will take twin turbo or blower easy with the 9.1 compression has orig gm intake manifold .$ 3000 please call if any interest 951 205 8388
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    Questions about a Cole

    Coles molds are in Hemet at Carrera in 04 05 06 Jim built a few spec boats and a local rigger put them together for him want to say it was around 4 boats 2--25 and a couple 22s.
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    Spectra 20 jet questions

    One popped up on Craigslist INLAND EMPIRE FOR $700 WITH TRAILER AND INTERIOR Our 20 was boat 32 out of the mold and the walnut shell area was taped off and applied in the mold we saw it being done. Total old school
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    Nice "beginners" boat

    Sorry to say Jim passed away around 3 years ago
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    Lake came up a ton during the night

    I heard that alot of water is entering the lake from the other end via Bill Williams river was told lake Almador is overflowing. I was at the Springs last weekend for the ski races and did notice alot of current and tall growth entering the lake most the day.
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    Spectra Mold on PB forums

    Hats off to Danny he did do a great job on his boats one hell of a rigger as for that vee drive boat just know a few things about and don't know what part you played in it. I heard the family pulled it back from a shop in parker where the vee drive rigging was a fn mess and took it to Mike @...
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    Spectra Mold on PB forums

    It would be hard to sell 4 or 5 just remember Danny @ DCM had a rough time selling his boats. I grew up with spectra,s and still own 2 I agree great boat just not a big demand plus a bare hull to lay up these days would 20k plus.
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    Spectra Mold on PB forums