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    Does your girl have a hard time getting wet?

    Have no fear, I am here. With a solution. She’ll be soaking wet before you know it :) I recently became a dealer for Extreme Mist www.extrememist.com We’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering our products at RD’s Super Cat Fest West event and look forward to getting to know all of the...
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    Desert Storm Promoter Help Needed

    I’d be interested in hearing more info on the SCFW.
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    Desert Storm Promoter Help Needed

    Hello RDPer’s I just inked a re-sell agreement (like 15 minutes ago) for a product I know will do extremely well at Desert Storm. Most of the members on this site will go crazy for it. Unfortunately, I checked the Desert Storm site and Vendor registration is closed. I’m hoping someone here...
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    RIP Toby Keith

    Dude! I was at that Country Jam! That year was sooo damn hot. Chris Ledoux closed it down that year. He rode the sh*t out of a mechanical bull and didn’t skip a beat in his performance. That is one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. Ironically, the last time I saw Toby...
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    RIP Toby Keith

    Sadly, stomach cancer has an almost zero percent survival rate. There is very little blood flow in your abdominal area so chemo isn’t very affective, it’s nearly impossible to treat.
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    RIP Toby Keith

    The first concert I ever attended was Toby Keith. It was in Las Vegas in 1994. He was performing on Fremont street for a rodeo. My mom was in his fan club and we got backstage passes. I was being a typical 13 year old kid and goofing around with the camera. He actually yelled at me. To this day...
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    American Family 48% increase

    I’ve got two cars on my policy. I’m the only listed driver. No tickets, no accidents I pay $425 a month. It’s almost doubled over the last few years. Insurance is getting crazy and sadly there’s no end in site to these price hikes, Vehicles are getting more expensive of repair and the weather...
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    6 found dead in San Bernardino desert

    Good ole’ Crippen court. I had two childhood friends that I had known since we were babies get murdered at Crippen Court over a drug deal that went bad back in the early 2000’s. One of my cousins got murdered in the Candlewicks. Terrible place.
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    6 found dead in San Bernardino desert

    This really brought back memories for me and not the good ones. I grew up poor and lived in Adelanto in the mid 90’s. It was insane even back then. At the time LA county would not let gang bangers parole to LA so they moved to the HD, Adelanto was cheap and that’s where a lot of them went...
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    Sturgis 2024 hotel suggestions….

    I don’t blame you. I park an RV in my uncles front yard, it’s convenient and free but it’s hard to beat the conveniences of a hotel. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a nice “hooters style” bike wash in Desdwood. I’m planning to do a few days at the rally this year and will probably stay...
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    Do I really need a Phone, or just internet access

    I’d be more inclined to do the opposite. Latency has improved significantly w/ 5G. I’m guessing that in the next couple years it will be low enough to consistently support streaming and gaming applications with zero lag. When that happens I’ll ditch the internet and hotspot everything from my...
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    Sturgis 2024 hotel suggestions….

    If you want to stay in Sturgis proper, the Baymont is the only decent hotel. There are a couple other places but they’re pretty grimey and I wouldn’t stay at them with a spouse or significant other. AirBnB’s are your best bet in town. If you have an RV or camper many people that live in...
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    How's Business?

    One of my side businesses is selling misc. products at holiday and home shows. I just did a Christmas show here in Denver. I did okay personally but most of the vendors I spoke with said they did about 30% of what they did last year and many lost money as a result. I did a couple home shows...
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    Prednisone. Any takes?

    I was on it for several years due to constant sinus issues. I had no sense of taste or smell for the bulk of those years unless I was on the prednisone. I never had the rage issue but I gained 50 lbs. and as others have said it can really mess with your sleep. It also changed the shape of my...
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    How do I sell a car?

    I’ll echo what’s others have said. If it’s an older vehicle OfferUp or FB marketplace. I sold a toy hauler a few years ago through FB marketplace and it was a pretty good experience. I don’t remember the name but the last car I sold to an online buying company like Carvana. The car was a...
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    Laguna Beach murder

    It was a really difficult situation to be in. You never know how you’re going to react in a situation like that until you’re in it. I hope no one here ever has to be in that situation. It was horrible and there wasn’t going to be a good outcome no matter what happened.
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    Laguna Beach murder

    I was carrying a gun on me at the time. I went for my gun and saw my step daughter standing next to me. I couldn’t bring myself to shoot and kill someone in front of my 15 year old kid, I knew it would have f*cked her up for life so I didn’t do it. If my kid wasn’t there I would have...
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    Ok adaptive cruise control is the shit

    Yup, I hate it for this very reason. Had it on my Escalade and the dealer was somehow able to deactivate it. Have it on my Lexus and the dealer told me there’s no way to deactivate it. Just bought a Ford Edge as my new commuter. They listed adaptive cruise control as one of the features...
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    Laguna Beach murder

    This is the after photo of trying to do the right thing.
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    Your Worst Flight

    October 2000. I was flying from Denver to LA for my brothers 18th birthday. Mid way through the flight the oxygen masks dropped and the flight attendants initially said not to worry about it, it must have been a mistake. I got light headed and put on the mask, shortly after the captain came on...