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    Motorhome Oil Change

    Too old and lack talent.
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    Motorhome Oil Change

    I have a 24’ C Class Ford motorhome, now that the Ford garage is being rebuilt in Havasu, where is the best place to get the oil changed.
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    Mini split

    Check the drain line, sometimes there is a small pump involved.
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    New Advertiser and a story - Mission Accomplished

    I recently used Mission and Ethan was great. He added a Hart Start Kit which he said everyone in Havasu needs and changed my 1” filters to 3”. I signed up for a maintenance plan that has them come out twice a year at no charge to check things over and change the filters, think it was 350...
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    Happy Birthday Summitkarl

    Miss you buddy.
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    Horizon Motorsports -- calling out Preston

    Always been so kind to me over the years and as much as I wanted to, never spent a dime there.
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    Under Pressure

    Put mine in sometime in 2022 I think, Mohave Mist again, was right at 5k. Run thru water softener and have pump in the air conditioned garage, been flawless. I would guess I have about 30 nozzles and the line run to them is about 50+ feet. I haven’t used it terribly much and run for a few...
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    500 Mile Cannonball Run to Shasta...

    Doesn’t get much nicer than that, lucky people for sure. 👍
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    A weekend in Parker

    Can’t get much better then that. 👏
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    Any Of You Ballers Got A Cobra Replica?

    I used to be quite the car guy at one time, started out at 21 an engineer at Chevrolet. I remember well looking at these when they came out, if I remember right they were 7k. I remember standing there looking at it and said what the hell would anyone want something like this for and bought a...
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    I went through Haulover Inlet today. Video. I lived through the experience!

    Thank you, seen so many of the rough one’s.
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    The worst day for a dog owner

    So sad, I’m so sorry.
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    My Amazing Wife - Gaurdianship

    You were always tops in my book, but now you are one click below God. Can’t imagine how you and the wife can handle that and yet have never seen a pic of you and her that aren’t smiling like you just won the lottery. Best to you and her Sir.
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    New Advertiser and a story - Mission Accomplished

    I called and scheduled him yesterday, super nice guy. 👏
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    Road trip to Somerset KY

    Best of luck sir, sorry to hear about the wife, you’re doing all the right things. Praying for the both of you. 🙏
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    Well Fuck...

    Best of luck sir, praying for you and the rest of us. 🙏
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    Havasu pool tile cleaning

    Had our pool drained and blasted by Liquid Assets last year, blasting and seal was 575 and flushing was 250, cleaned up great, like new actually. Can’t say enough good about Liquid Assets.
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    Havasu pool cleaning service

    We have Liquid Assets, can’t recommend them enough.
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    Sometimes life throws you lemons, other times it warms your heart

    So well said and done, congrat’s.
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    How in the world did we get to this place?

    Bought a Nissan Leaf in 2012, was supposed to get 100 miles/charge got about 60. Absolutely loved the little car for getting back and forth to work. Cost about 40k out the door and got 7.5k back from the gov. In 2018 it had 26k miles and looked brand new, not even a stone chip. Tried to sell it...