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  1. Todd Mohr

    Student Loan Forgiveness

    That was bribe money to get business owners to go along quietly, Covid shutdowns would have never been complied with if not for the bribes. Huge transfer of wealth just for the Covid charade. One of the biggest reasons why inflation is still tough to get under control.
  2. Todd Mohr

    Job/State Change Question

    They all have horror stories, still better than buying a house for your landlord.
  3. Todd Mohr

    4 Door Bronco vs Gladiator wind noise

    Colorado ZR2
  4. Todd Mohr

    Job/State Change Question

    Home ownership might be easier than you think in Az, 5% down on a new build tract home and the builder pays all the closing costs. You can be a home owner for 25k out of pocket.
  5. Todd Mohr

    Job/State Change Question

    I moved to Az from Nv 8 years ago, got a job and left my home and family for about 90 days. I rented a studio apt and when my house sold I rented a house big enough for all of us. My house sold pretty quick so the whole process took 90 days or so. It was stressful but you gotta do what you gotta...
  6. Todd Mohr

    Summer is definitely hear.

    I here you, the heat is hear now.
  7. Todd Mohr

    Summer is definitely hear.

  8. Todd Mohr

    Mini split

    I have a MR Cool unit in my garage, came pre charged and I installed myself, total game changer. Mine runs off 220 but I had an outlet and wired it myself. Instructions are pretty good.
  9. Todd Mohr

    *** PSA *** If Driving Thru Parker

    I usually set the cruise at 70 as soon as I get to the 55 by Runningman, everyone else seems to run about the same. Surprised I haven't been pulled over, it's usually 9pm when I'm passing through. Always stay less than 5 over in town though. I will be more careful now.
  10. Todd Mohr

    Dealership mechanic question

    This, there's no way a trans on a C8 gets replaced without factory approval. Big tickets always need approval ahead of the repair, put it back to stock and hope there's no evidence of it being modified. The dealership wants the approval as it pays well, but they won't cover for you as they could...
  11. Todd Mohr

    Things that make life easier

    Great tool, check tire heat as well on a long tow. A floor jack and cordless impact make a tire change a 5 minute delay.
  12. Todd Mohr

    VP Pick

    Tim Scott has been pretty loyal through all of the bullshit, it will be fun to hear all the guilty white liberals talk about what a racist he is.
  13. Todd Mohr

    Summer is starting off about as I expected it to...lol

    And all you needed was a 50 cent O-ring, well done sir!
  14. Todd Mohr

    Any Info On This Daytona?

    I think Terry said he has hit 90 with just him in it.
  15. Todd Mohr

    Any Info On This Daytona?

    I know Terry the owner, the boat is really clean and Terry is careful with it. He doesn't run it in rough conditions or abuse it in any way. Last time I saw it was last year in Havasu, he told me he is selling due to a back injury from a car wreck 4-5 months ago. He looked at a handful of boats...
  16. Todd Mohr

    Nope. Not gonna open Gelcoaters thread.

    Don't be scared, he has a really nice cock.
  17. Todd Mohr

    So I painted my cock

    Great cock handling skills you have sir.
  18. Todd Mohr

    2024 Lower River Outboard Run

    You should go, it's an awesome day of boating. Totally different vibe down there and its great scenery. I'd be there if I didn't have a party to go to in SLC.
  19. Todd Mohr

    PUPS of RDP

    How hard would it be to adopt this pup?
  20. Todd Mohr

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Trans Am found a tavern