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  1. Tahoe540

    Starting Generator trips GFCI

    2014 Weekend Warrior with a 5500 Onan generator. Went to start it to get ready for a camping trip and it turned over fine. When it started to run it just died and there was no power anywhere in the trailer. After some troubleshooting I figured out the main GFCI outlet was tripping. I...
  2. Tahoe540

    1984 Hallett 20.5 BR

    This boat has been my pride and joy now for 3 years. I have done a lot of upgrades over the past 3 years. When I bought the boat is was completely stock. I am only selling because I found my next dream boat LOL. The upgrades I have done. New trailer with all the upgrades (3 years old) and...
  3. Tahoe540

    Water leaking from Intake

    Have water coming out of the intake when it is on the hose. I can't see far enough in to see exactly where it might be coming from. I had the bowl off to install a new bowl seal. I also used all new gaskets putting it back together.
  4. Tahoe540

    Bowl seal

    I don't have the special Berkeley tool to drive in the seal. Is there another way to install it without damaging it?
  5. Tahoe540

    Bow rail removal - small holes

    I decided to not put my bow rail back on after some detail work. How would fill the 3/16 bolt holes. They go all the way through the deck and I have quite a few to do. In the past I have used a dowel with epoxy to fill a larger size hole and just put a little gel repair over the top. I have...
  6. Tahoe540

    Carpet install

    I have a Hallett 20.5 open bow jet boat. I have completely gutted my boat and have cleaned the floor of any old glue or carpet. It is ready to have carpet installed. I have already bought my carpet and called to get an estimate on how much to install it. I was floored when I was told $1200...
  7. Tahoe540

    Degreeing a Camshaft

    Let me start by saying I have degreed a few camshafts but don't do it everyday. I have a new hydraulic roller cam I have been trying to match the cam card specs. Long story short it had to be installed 6 degrees advanced to match the card and particularly the 109 degree intake centerline. I...
  8. Tahoe540

    Lower 3 belt pulley for blower

    Do not need anymore. $100
  9. Tahoe540

    Complete detail and color sanding.

    For a winter project I decided I would blow my boat apart and color sand the whole thing. I did get to buy some new tools and products. I had to start with 600 due to the bad oxidation on the top. I am now using 800 then move to 1000/1200 and finally 2000/3000 depending on location I am done...
  10. Tahoe540


    <blockquote class="reddit-card" data-card-created="1604760491"><a href="">My poor heart</a> from <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative">r/Conservative</a></blockquote> <script async src="//embed.redditmedia.com/widgets/platform.js" charset="UTF-8"></script> <blockquote...
  11. Tahoe540

    Tahoe in October

    I found these photos from 2 years a go. October can be really nice at Tahoe and you can see there is nobody on the Lake. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hc2zTALkUM2ukLAu5
  12. Tahoe540

    Making a new rear bench - replacing dog house

    I have a 21 ft Halett. I want to take out the jump seats and have an engine cover. I am going to build a bench and need to know approximately how deep it should be? The back of the bench will be installed at the front of the bilge/engine compartment. Does anyone know off hand how deep or a...
  13. Tahoe540

    BBC Roller Cam and Lifters

    BC hydraulic roller cam and lifters. Attaching the cam specs. I don't know the manufacturer. This cam is ground for a marine engine with wet exhaust Cam is unkown hours Lifters under 20 hrs Lifters are Howards hydraulic roller lifters 91162 $350 Cam $175 In Reno ship on your dime IM me for...
  14. Tahoe540

    Fuel line 3/8 to 1/2 inch

    I am wanting to upgrade my fuel system from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. I am reading that some tanks have a 1/2 pickup tube with a 3/8 NPT fitting. Will that 3/8 NPT fitting supply a 1/2 inch fuel system? I really don't want to pull the tanks if I don't have too.
  15. Tahoe540

    Intake grate fins

    Will these fins hurt top speed or performance? I have not seen them on any other loaders. This is on a Hallett day cruiser.
  16. Tahoe540

    Fuel line size not enough fuel?

    I have just swapped a stock 454 to a pretty stout 555. I finally got it out and was expecting this motor to pull harder and turn some rpm. It hits a wall and just stops pulling around 4800 rpm. The motor should be around 650 HP. Same setup with 099 iron heads dynoed at 621 HP. It now has...
  17. Tahoe540

    Milkshake motor

    I have a 555 that I took out of my offshore boat last year to put in my jet boat this year. The motor was a 548 and I had to have it bored to 4.560 and found out the block has 3 sleeves. Those sleeves were replaced. I had a problem last summer with the motor getting a pretty bad milkshake...
  18. Tahoe540

    1984 Hallett BR upgrade

    I bought my Hallett 2 years ago. I was very happy to find an open bow even though it was in Southern California. I live in Reno and you just don't see these boats. Here it is the day I bought it. The trailer was in bad shape and was happy to make it home. Upon further inspection when I got...
  19. Tahoe540

    Best Part of a Dads Day

    Doesn't get any better than this
  20. Tahoe540

    Milodon Offshore oil pan BBC

    I have a used 12 quart offshore pan with a dipstick and melling oil pump and pickup. The pump and pickup have about 2 hours. I am installing this motor in my jet boat and this pan unfortunately will not fit. $375 plus shipping.