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  1. Tahoe540

    Starting Generator trips GFCI

    Finally figured out my batteries were not charging. Just got back from a week of camping and found I had no water in the batteries or propane in my tanks LOL. I also have solar so my batteries have always been charged. I did change the GFCI outlet though.
  2. Tahoe540

    Starting Generator trips GFCI

    2014 Weekend Warrior with a 5500 Onan generator. Went to start it to get ready for a camping trip and it turned over fine. When it started to run it just died and there was no power anywhere in the trailer. After some troubleshooting I figured out the main GFCI outlet was tripping. I...
  3. Tahoe540

    Carpet install question- for the DIY guy Picture added

    I installed carpet in my Hallett earlier this year and installed it as 1 piece
  4. Tahoe540

    1984 Hallett 20.5 BR

    This boat has been my pride and joy now for 3 years. I have done a lot of upgrades over the past 3 years. When I bought the boat is was completely stock. I am only selling because I found my next dream boat LOL. The upgrades I have done. New trailer with all the upgrades (3 years old) and...
  5. Tahoe540

    Lahontan NV this weekend

    LOL good times!
  6. Tahoe540

    Water leaking from Intake

    Have water coming out of the intake when it is on the hose. I can't see far enough in to see exactly where it might be coming from. I had the bowl off to install a new bowl seal. I also used all new gaskets putting it back together.
  7. Tahoe540

    Bowl seal

    I don't have the special Berkeley tool to drive in the seal. Is there another way to install it without damaging it?
  8. Tahoe540

    Easter Weekend Sand Mountain NV

    Thanks Brian for all the good times!
  9. Tahoe540

    Carpet install

    I found 40 oz but it did not come in the width I needed. https://corinthianmarine.com/glue-down/
  10. Tahoe540

    New keel guards

    It looks like line-x does this application. I have not checked on price yet. https://linexswfl.com/marine/
  11. Tahoe540

    Bow rail removal - small holes

    I decided to not put my bow rail back on after some detail work. How would fill the 3/16 bolt holes. They go all the way through the deck and I have quite a few to do. In the past I have used a dowel with epoxy to fill a larger size hole and just put a little gel repair over the top. I have...
  12. Tahoe540

    Carpet install

    Thanks for suggestion. I just had some new carpet installed in my house and they guy who installed it is going to come back and do my boat. Charging me $350
  13. Tahoe540

    Carpet install

    I have a Hallett 20.5 open bow jet boat. I have completely gutted my boat and have cleaned the floor of any old glue or carpet. It is ready to have carpet installed. I have already bought my carpet and called to get an estimate on how much to install it. I was floored when I was told $1200...
  14. Tahoe540

    Lakes to visit...

    Lake Lahotan is a great place to go. About 45 minutes from Reno. Great beaches and some smooth water in the AM. It is the go to lake for @renodaytona and our families
  15. Tahoe540

    Degreeing a Camshaft

    I am checking the lobe with a magnetic stand with a lifter and pushrod. I have verified that after advancing the cam 6 degrees all of the timing events are correct. I am happy now as all the timing events are spot on. I also verified with on the exhaust side to make sure I was correct. I...
  16. Tahoe540

    Degreeing a Camshaft

    Thanks for the responses I went through the process of finding TDC each time I degreed the cam. Going through the whole process probably 5-6 times thinking I was doing something wrong. It came up with the same wrong numbers every time. I even bought a new dial indicator to make sure my...
  17. Tahoe540

    Degreeing a Camshaft

    Let me start by saying I have degreed a few camshafts but don't do it everyday. I have a new hydraulic roller cam I have been trying to match the cam card specs. Long story short it had to be installed 6 degrees advanced to match the card and particularly the 109 degree intake centerline. I...
  18. Tahoe540

    Lower 3 belt pulley for blower

    Do not need anymore. $100
  19. Tahoe540

    Gel Coat maintenance detailing

    Here is my opinion. Started with 2000 color sanding which makes it very dull Heavy cut is better than 3M Super Duty compound (Heavy cut takes out imperfections in one or 2 passes and brings out a shine. 3M super duty takes longer) 1000 is better than the 3M medium cut for Gel Coat (3M is...
  20. Tahoe540

    Gel Coat maintenance detailing

    Ordered. I already have some good 3M products for gelcoat that I am using for a complete boat detail. We will see how these compare