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  1. USClb41

    Last day....thank you RDP!

    Congratulations brother, I am a couple years behind you!
  2. USClb41

    This Country's Greatest Generation

    Been watching some youtube videos, guy going around interviewing WW2 vets. These guys are true American badasses. Good time to key up Band of Brothers and watch again.
  3. USClb41

    What happened at shogun last night?

    WTF? That is some serious BS. Working this weekend keeping huge crowds in Newport in line, never seen so many people in my 23 years here.
  4. USClb41

    Must do’s in Nashville?

    Broadway during the day, Hattie b banana pudding, Patterson house for the best drinks and atmosphere ever
  5. USClb41

    Custom Boats Dead?

    Yeah it's crazy, bought my '09 Tremor a few years ago from a buddy, it was pristine and still is. Saw an '05 for sale today for 21K over what I paid for mine.
  6. USClb41

    Thompson bay accident

    And it’s piece, I before e except after c....
  7. USClb41

    Thompson bay accident

  8. USClb41

    I am now a member of……

    Love ours, did smash burgers last night that turned out great
  9. USClb41


    I have a family member buried on the Arizona, my grand uncle (my grandfather's brother on my dad's side).
  10. USClb41

    Construction on Mohave Road (Through CRIT Reservation) Until March 2022.

    We did it last week, you can get through in a vehicle, like pkrrv619 said, it's kind of a side dirt road that skirts the bridge, it's a little narrow, I think getting a 5th wheel through there would be a little tricky, may not want to try it.
  11. USClb41

    Doge coin

    Can't even pull up my DOGE on RH right now...
  12. USClb41

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    I wouldn't do it again, and I work for a city that supports us. I've seen enough death and misery, the things coming out of some of these people's mouth is so absurd I can't believe it, 22 months to go. Look forward to meeting some of my LEO brothers here sometime on the water, be safe fellas.
  13. USClb41

    Mattress advice, ready for a new one.

    went through this a couple years ago, went with sleep number, love it.
  14. USClb41

    The Nautical

    Pretty sure they are free, but in horrible shape last time I was there.
  15. USClb41

    Here's the beef 2.0

    I'd be interested in a 1/4, how much do they typically cost and how do get it (do I pick it up?) thanks!
  16. USClb41

    Foamy for the groms

    I have a couple you are welcome to have, I'd have to look at them to see what condition they are in, but I think they are ok, I'm n San Clemente
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    Fight on
  18. USClb41

    Calling all Cole Boats

    Dang those 250's are sexy...
  19. USClb41

    The Great Outdoors - Suck My Wake

    Me too, been awhile since I've seen a version with that scene still in it.....