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    Who Knows About TPT?

    Can one of the knowledgeable RDP inmates explain in 'plain English' exactly what "TPT" (Transaction Privilege Tax) is, and do all businesses need a "TPT" number? Asking for a friend. The more I read about it, the more confusing it gets.
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    Havasu Boat Show is On! April 9-10-11, Havasu 95 Speedway, Sara Park

    The permit request for the 2021 Lake Havasu Boat Show, April 9-10-11 has been approved -- its new home for 2021 is Havasu 95 Speedway, Sara Park. The Boat Show is On! Hope everybody will come out and join us. More info at https://www.lakehavasuboatshow.com
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    The Name Game -- Who Remembers?

    Here's a boatng challenge for those who would like to play. Over the past 60+ years I've had an opportunity to meet and become acquainted with many memorable west coast boat builders. This is a quick off-the-top-of-my head list (in no particular order) of those who have passed, but deserve to be...
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    Career Opportunities for Mountain Bikers

    I know there's a good number of mountain bike enthusiasts who frequent RDP. Just thought I'd pass this along -- Jenson USA, one of the nation's largest online mountain bike retailers (headquartered in Riverside near the junction of the 215 and 60 freeways) has immediate job openings from gear...
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    2021 Lake Havasu Boat Show, April 9-10-11

    Just so everyone is aware, yesterday an email was sent to the entire Lake Havasu Boat Show exhibitor/vendor data base announcing that the 2021 Lake Havasu Boat Show is scheduled for April 9-10-11 and space application reservations are now being accepted. Communications with Arizona State Parks...
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    Interesting New Boat Buyer Statistics

    I think we all know that boat purchases (new and used) have increased significantly in the last six months. So where is the increase coming from? According to the latest statistics from the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), much of the spike in sales is coming from new/first-time...
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    Event Calendar Musical Chairs

    We all know that Desert Storm made it official last night that the 2020 DS was cancelled, but looking forward to 2021. SEMA 2020 also was an early cancel. The Air Show in Havasu also cancelled its tentative date of November 14-15. And the new MonsoonFest is now holding off and may try again in...
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    June a Record Month for New Boat Sales

    The numbers are in (from Statistical Surveys) for June new boat sales across the country and it was a banner month. Pontoon sales up 22.7% -- Wakesport boats up 24% -- Personal Watercraft up 27.6% -- Jet boats up 27.3% -- Bowriders/deckboats up 12%. Doubt if those kind of increases will continue...
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    Need Help Keeping Our Lake Beaches Clean

    Now that boating is back in full throttle mode on Havasu, it's become abundantly clear that many boaters are ignoring considerate boating practices when it comes to leaving piles of trash on many of our beaches. Under normal conditions, the Lake Havasu Marine Association's complimentary "trash...
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    You've Got To Be Kidding...Catalina Water Ski Race Cancelled

    We've all put up with a lot over the Covid19 debacle, but this crosses my red line. Just got an announcement from the Long Beach Boat & Ski Club (event host) that the 2020 Catalina Water Ski Race has been cancelled after 71 consecutive years of competition. Apparently 'decision-makers' in Long...
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    We're Hiring.....

    Times are tough for a lot of people right now so I thought I'd pass this along. If you're into bicycles, especially mountain bikes, you might be familiar with Jenson USA, one of the largest internet retailers of bicycles and bicycle parts/accessories in the country. And while many businesses are...
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    2020 Lake Havasu Boat Show Cancelled

    March 30, 2020 A final decision has been made by the Lake Havasu Marine Association to cancel its 29th Annual Lake Havasu Boat Show for 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic. It was determined that the reschedule dates of June 12-13-14 offered by Arizona State Parks because of potential extreme...
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    2020 Lake Havasu Boat Show Update

    The 29th Annual Lake Havasu Boat Show scheduled for April 3-4-5, 2020 has been postponed. An alternate date has been granted and approved by Arizona State Parks for Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4 for later this summer. Many factors are being taken into consideration before making a final...
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    Tom Papp Memorial event -- Elsinore?

    Just curious, does the Tom Papp Memorial event at Elsinore still happen? Usually the first or second weekend (Saturday) in January).
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    No BS -- The Sand-Water-RV Expo this weekend at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 3 & 4 is our biggest ever -- about 40% larger than last year. The exhibitor/vendor list is about 160 strong (you can check it out at https://www.sandandwaterexpo.com/exhibitor-listing.html). All new floorplan plus...
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    PARTY ALERT! One week from today.

    RDP is at it again -- the party never stops. This time everybody is invited to stop by Legendz on McCulloch Blvd. Friday evening, November 15 for the pre-party "Meet & Greet" before the Sand-Water-Expo opens up on Saturday at 9am at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 3 & 4. This party should be...
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    Where Did All the Eliminator Eagle Vees Go?

    Am I the last to know? Did I miss the official announcement? According to the new Eliminator website, Eagle vee models have disappeared -- only Speedsters and a Fun Deck on the models roster.
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    Don't Fill-Up with Regular 88

    I haven't seen any gas stations with a pump for "Regular 88" fuel but I guess more are popping up around the country. And, because it is usually the lowest priced fuel (about 5 to 10 cents a gallon less than 87 octane regular), it's a temptation to fill-up your boat on the way to the lake...
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    After three years of being closed to the public, Irvine Lake officially re-opened today for shoreline fishing. Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner was finally successful in negotiating a one-year agreement between Serrano Water District and Irvine Ranch to get the lake re-opened on a limited...
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    Wanted - 3/4 ton White Ford Truck to Purchase

    Anybody have a white 3/4 ton Ford truck they want to sell? Looking for something in the 2006 to 2012 model year range with under 100,000 miles if possible. Contact Rick at 951-768-7925 (it has to be white). Thanks.