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  1. SloppyJoe

    Anyone in Riverside and have gasket seal???

    Radiator isn't sealed and want to go home! Am pm on Alessandro and Northrop.
  2. SloppyJoe

    Sidekick build with no skills

    I bought this little guy to keep me in the dirt after selling my 4 seater RZR 1000. I don't know why it took me so long to grab one considering I've wanted one since I was a kid. With all the issues I've had with my tow vehicle (99' suburban) it even took over launch duties all summer and some...
  3. SloppyJoe

    Outboard is overheating but my girlfriend is full on heated! How do I save the weekend?!

    Boats been heating up very quickly and hasn't done this before. Limping back to crazyhorse from the nautical. Any suggestions for someone that doesn't know much about engines?
  4. SloppyJoe

    Suzuki Sidekick suspension upgrade?

    I'm looking at putting a small lift maybe 3 inches or so and I've got a lot of options. I've basically got my two options narrowed down. 1) Low cost spacer lift for the springs for about $130 and I do the install 2) High cost ( not really because everything is cheap on this thing ) full...
  5. SloppyJoe

    The new guy that's not really new

    I guess I should check in as a new member. Live in Wildomar and run a whacker...that's all! Oh and you may know my pops Dilligaf and if so I'm sure we've had a drink or 10 on the water before!