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    What is the Best Way to Prevent or Slow Down Theft of Catalytic Converters?

    I have a 2020 Escalade ESV and want to be proactive in preventing the theft of the catalytic converter. I am seeing numerous articles where these converters are being frequently stolen in every city. They either unbolt it or more frequently I read they just use a metal cut off saw and in 3...
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    Watercraft Fire Extinguisher Requirements?

    I am asking what are the minimum coast guard portable fire extinguisher requirements for my single engine 24' open bow boat. I primarily operate on Lake Havasu waters and once or twice a year in Newport Beach Harbor and along the coast (San Clemente to Long Beach). The engine bay already has a...
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    Advice on New Interior for my Hallett 240 Open Bow

    I have a 1998 Hallett 240 OB with the original interior. I have two questions for the group: 1) I want to replace all plywood seat frames, seat cushion panels, gunnel trim panels with the new style composite material that theoretically should outlast the life of the boat and me. My existing...
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    Is Conquest Still Doing Business?

    I tried for several days to contact Conquest by phone number on their website (928-680-1400) and all I get is a voice recording. Has anyone done business with them recently?
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    502 EFI Intermittent Erratic Idle / Stalling

    I have a 1998 502 EFI 415 hp Mercruiser / Bravo X Drive that I am experiencing intermittent erratic idle and stalling. This problem started about 2 years ago. Erratic idle usually starts after the engine has warmed up and when the outdrive is in gear at a no wake speed. Now seems to occur...
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    Traffic Conditions on Rice Road 10/18 through 10/20?

    Coming out to lake this weekend. Any road work being performed on 177 and 62 right now?
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    Any Issues Towing a Boat on Roadways, at Launch Ramps or While Operating Boat on Lake Havasu Waterways?

    I have a friend that seems to believe that towing my boat on AZ 95 and through LHC to a launch ramp may get me a ticket ( being a non essential vehicle, etc). He also believes that while boating on Lake Havasu and up to Needles, the Water Sherrif may also ticket me for operating the boat as...
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    How is the Water Levels at Havasu?

    How are the water levels on Havasu and in particular as the top of the lake merges into the river reserve area? Can you navagate normally from the lake up through the reserve area up to Needles Bridge?
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    Looking for Reputable Havasu Boat Mechanic

    Other than the big Havasu boat shops of Barrett Custom Marine, Prestige Marine, Absolute Speed and Marine, I am looking for a good Havasu mechanic / smaller shop that can work on a Mercruiser 502 EFI that has ignition and / or fuel delivery problems. Thanks for your replies.
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    Insurance Questions on a Boat that Has Been labeled as a Total Loss

    So I damaged my Hallett 240 open bow earlier this year. My insurer Progressive Marine quickly labeled it as a total loss / salvage title boat. I intially fought their decision because the cost of the repairs was nowhere close to the Agreed Value Policy payout they would make to me. However after...
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    Custom Fasteners for Plexiglas Windscreens

    I am finally replacing the original smoke plexiglas windscreens on my Hallett 240 openbow. I dont want to use the standard black plastic button cover fasteners again. I know there are probably several options, but i would like to use some type of a custom fastener that looks nice. My first...
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    Custom Fasteners for Plexiglas Windscreensfl

    I am finally replacing the original smoke plexiglas windscreens on my Hallett 240 openbow. I dont want to use the standard black plastic button cover fasteners again. I know there are probably several options, but i would like to use some type of a custom fastener that looks nice. My first...
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    Need Advice on Complete Re-Gel coat repray on Older Boat

    So I have recently posted several threads on my 1998 Hallett 240 openbow. The boat has gel coat damage on the bottom and left side from an accident. I want to repair and refurbish/ update the boat top to bottom. I have asked advice on a complete automotive style paint job (Imron or similar). Now...
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    Experience with Brian at Havasu Customs in LHC

    Has anyone had any experience with Brian and Havasu Customs in LHC? I met with him a week ago to go over fiberglass/ Gel repairs and a comprehensive list of mechanical, rigging and numerous cosmetic upgrades i am going to have done to my Hallett. Essentially i am considering a complete make...
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    Paint vs. Gel Coat - Need Advice

    So i comestically damaged the bottom (its a mess) and left side of my boat, and i have been looking for a shop to repair the fiberglass and gel coat. I was in Havasu last weekend and talked to several recommeneded shops. I also inquired as to how difficult it would be to change some of the...
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    What is Involved in Registering a Boat in Arizona?

    I am considering purchasing a used boat currently registered / tagged in Arizona from a private party. Can some tell me the exact steps? 1- Interesting thing is I am told that there are no titles / pink slips proving ownership on boats registered in AZ. So how do you actually prove that you...
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    Salvage Title on Boat- What are the Negatives

    I am currently dealing with my marine isurance company on a loss. The insurance company wants to total the boat. I want it repaired for a variety of reasons. Right mow i am Not sure what recourse i have with the insurance company as this is just unfolding over the next few days. Some questions i...
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    502 Leakdown NumbersWha

    My stock 1998 Mercrusier 502 EFI 415 hp was completely rebuilt last year using my stock heads, better quality valves, springs, upgraded pistons, rings with stock compression, etc with the goal of being as close to stock hp with increased reliability. I currently have leakdown numbers of +/-...
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    Fireboy Onboard Fire Suppression System

    I want to install an automatic discharge Fireboy Xintex system on my Hallett. So in reading the online literature, it states that the tank automatically discharges at 175 f degrees. I have not yet called their technical service yet but I guess i was surprised to read the elease threshold is 175...
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    Preferred Finish on Outdrive Lower Unit

    I feel a bit silly asking this question........ my outdrive is painted in mercury Phanotm black. I repaint the lower unit skeg each year since I frequently run the boat in shallow water up through the reserve area and up through Needles. As careful as I am, the lower 3" of the skeg is usually...