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  1. stonehenge

    Excuses to get out of work.........just when you thought you heard it all

    Had this tiny afro-american girl called in sick, said she was in jail for assaulting a nurse. Evidently she was at the hospital visiting her grandma, visiting hours were over and she wasn't pleased about this, so she beat up the nurse. She ended up quitting in leu of being fired. Years...
  2. stonehenge

    Nordic Thor w/twin 300R's

    That thing is beautiful! Never understood why more manf's wouldn't open up their floor plans when you run O/B's, really make perfect sense.
  3. stonehenge

    Fourth of July 2021 Video # 1!

    Class act all the way!
  4. stonehenge

    Bullhead getting dangerous?

    This was 20 yrs ago... Laughlin The racial makeup of the CDP was 89.06% White, 2.81% African American, 0.62% Native American, 2.29% Asian, 0.18% Pacific Islander, 2.74% from other races, and 2.29% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 10.56% of the population. Not that...
  5. stonehenge

    Bullhead getting dangerous?

    Curious, are the raider nation & seadoo mafia buying homes in Laughlin or just visiting?
  6. stonehenge

    Bully Minnesota Mayor gets what he deserves

    I did some research and was unable to find his political affiliation. I did find one site that called him a "conservative" (bait & click) But I have a feeling if he was a Republican the media would smear him all over the place. It certainly fits the lib narrative, but with some of the recent...
  7. stonehenge

    Parker Tube Float - 2013

    4300 registered That's $43,000.00 for the chamber, not to bad. Not including parking money. For a noble cause, and their enforcement scare tactic worked well. The cops were out, and some not very pleasant encounters, but that should be expected. Seemed like the crowds were less, but...
  8. stonehenge

    Disneyland price hikes

    Let me qualify this next statement, I loath Disney and all its political left leaning BS. However, the other half and daughter have drank the cool-aid, by the bucket for years, so I'm f-d. Doesn't mean its a total loss. Every year I buy them two golden tickets, a.k.a. annual passes. I...
  9. stonehenge

    1 Ton of trash picked up in Copper Canyon

    In 88' I dove with some friends after 4th of July week in Copper Cyn. Pulled out close to 50 pairs of sunglasses, (Oakley blades, gargoyles, raybans, etc) 4 props, 5 anchors, tote bag with a large amount of weed wrapped up nice and tight, 3 wallets, and a rather large dildo with...
  10. stonehenge

    Parker Tube Float - 2013

    It has been a great 36 year run. And the last 5 have been epic. However, over enforcement might kill it. Maybe this will be the exception to the rule. We shall see.