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    Bunk Repair

    Does he have a shop or does he come to you home?
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    Bunk Repair

    does he have contact info?
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    RIP Cary Liera / Slow In Havasu

    What the Heck! He is my go to guy for all my AC/WATER heater plumbing. He’s one stand up honest guy, I’m stunned. Is there a collection being taken for him?
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    A dear friend took their life this week.

    Keep your head up Champ, i‘m sorry for your loss.
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    An aquintance is suicidal..

    Drive to his house, call a relative of his.
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    Conquest Topcat 1 For Sale

    Nice boat, saw in the channel yesterday.
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    New Hallett 255

    Nice boat!
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    Havasu Marina Slips

    I’m in!
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    UFC264 prelims on.

    Are they showing it anywhere in town?
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    Fourth of July 2021 Video # 1!

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    My summer Bar/shower project.

    That’s badass! Very nice
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    Havasu Home Bar

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    Havasu Home Bar

    Yes sir, it also has a drain tube on the bottom that I have routed to my plants.
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    What a PUNK!, he’s no AMERICAN!,
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    Havasu Home Bar

    LOL, thanks for having that much confidence in my carpentry abilities since you’ve never met or know me. Kind of bizarre how you can blast out on what I’m suppose to do, funny SH-IT. This was not in no way look at what I got, ”a $2,800 wooden bar”, really? I don‘t roll that way. My true...
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    Havasu Home Bar

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    Havasu Home Bar

    8’X 5’x 4’ $ 2,800 with custom matching stools.
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    Havasu Home Bar

    This Bar made the 4th of July weekend a blast!, picked it up in Rancho where I had it made.
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    Fatal accident on the upper river?

    Very Sad, my Prayers go out to the Family.