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    Getting there - trailer

    That is sharp!
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    What is the Best Way to Prevent or Slow Down Theft of Catalytic Converters?

    I have carefully read each and every response and I must say I am at a loss for words...............and I am having trouble deciding on which amazing suggestion to implement. So many many creative ideas here which far exceed a normal sober person’s imagination. So a big heartfelt thank you to...
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    What is the Best Way to Prevent or Slow Down Theft of Catalytic Converters?

    I have a 2020 Escalade ESV and want to be proactive in preventing the theft of the catalytic converter. I am seeing numerous articles where these converters are being frequently stolen in every city. They either unbolt it or more frequently I read they just use a metal cut off saw and in 3...
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    Watercraft Fire Extinguisher Requirements?

    I am asking what are the minimum coast guard portable fire extinguisher requirements for my single engine 24' open bow boat. I primarily operate on Lake Havasu waters and once or twice a year in Newport Beach Harbor and along the coast (San Clemente to Long Beach). The engine bay already has a...
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    Bigbore's Tinfoil hat on . . . Covid

    Reviving this thread. I want to say thank you to Bigbore500r for taking the time and starting this thread. Ever since May / June of 2020 I was convinced that the media and Public announcements were complete BS. Im hoping that Bigbire500r will adjust and fine tune his original data numbers now...
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    My son.

    Jeff, very awesome to hear!! A significant investment and acheivement by you and your son! Congratulations and we need to have a party get together to celebrate this
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    Release the regor

    Welcome back Regor! You were missed
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    Advice on New Interior for my Hallett 240 Open Bow

    Thanks for the replies so far. i appreciate it. After reading Shlbyntros description and cahracteristics of the composite starboard I dont think that i want this product and will just redo the resin coated plywood thats been used for 50+ years. Anyone have any other upholstery shops in Havasu...
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    Hey Candice.....you beautiful black woman....

    Candace Owens is a gift from God. She has common sense, speaks simply, fairly and intelligently. She makes me proud to be an American and for what she stands for.
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    Advice on New Interior for my Hallett 240 Open Bow

    I have a 1998 Hallett 240 OB with the original interior. I have two questions for the group: 1) I want to replace all plywood seat frames, seat cushion panels, gunnel trim panels with the new style composite material that theoretically should outlast the life of the boat and me. My existing...
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    Is Conquest Still Doing Business?

    I tried for several days to contact Conquest by phone number on their website (928-680-1400) and all I get is a voice recording. Has anyone done business with them recently?
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    502 EFI Intermittent Erratic Idle / Stalling

    Gentlemen, thank you for your comments so far, I appreciate it. Shrub Lurker......the IAC was replaced last year and did not fix the issue. I plan on addressing this issue in December when I take it in for annual service. Namba 860........... I will have the distributor inspected again. Please...
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    502 EFI Intermittent Erratic Idle / Stalling

    I have a 1998 502 EFI 415 hp Mercruiser / Bravo X Drive that I am experiencing intermittent erratic idle and stalling. This problem started about 2 years ago. Erratic idle usually starts after the engine has warmed up and when the outdrive is in gear at a no wake speed. Now seems to occur...
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    Traffic Conditions on Rice Road 10/18 through 10/20?

    Coming out to lake this weekend. Any road work being performed on 177 and 62 right now?
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    The coming coup

    How do I copy / forward the 1964 Subversion video to others that DONT have an Instagram account? I have tried everything i can think of, but then again i‘m an idiot with IT things like this.
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    Anyone know a elementary teacher or sharp nanny?

    No question about it, call Mrs Doubtfire! 😎
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    Ads on Website Promoting Hate Speech, Who knew?

    Dave, can you write a short narrative of cliff notes on what happened and what this guy Tim did. Im trying to follow the thread but i don't know the characters. Your short explanation will likely help other RDPers understand the nonsense. I can already assure you that I am very much aligned...
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    This Lady gets it . I do not support George

    Candace Owens is one impressive human being. I am bewildered why so many people cannot understand the obvious points and facts she has very simply said.