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    RIP Cary Liera / Slow In Havasu

    God speed
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    Postscript to the Thompson Bay tragedy

    That story will stay with them for many years. The impression will last a lifetime. I’m sure the story will be told many times by all five. The lives potential saved will be countless. Thank you for taking the time the parents should have. It takes a village.
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    looking for 2 calif ccw compliant s and w shield 9mm

    Shoot So Cal has both the 9mm and 40 M&P in stock for sale. They are in La Habra
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    a good garden hose

    I like the Zero G hoses. You can find the at Lowe’s or on line. The don’t kink. I’ve had two in Havasu for two years with no issues. You can get either 5/8 or 3/4
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    What do you use for flags / whips?

    Safe glow for the led light pole.
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    Happy 4th birthday to my bad ass wife!

    Going through this now with family. Great encouragement for others. Happy new birthday
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    Garage Flooring

    I have had a snap together floor for about ten years. Has held up great. Just sweep and mopped
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    I want this fella to be my Amazon delivery man.

    God bless you
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    Permission please for G&A. When you have a chance. Thanks
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    Margaritaville blender reviews?

    I’ve had one for about 15 years. The original version. Still works great. Solid machine
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    soldRugged Radio Headsetssold

    Sent you a PM
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    soldRugged Radio Headsetssold

    Interested. Are these new? Where are you located? thanks
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    The woman who made our family possible has gone to be with our lord...

    Sorry for your loss. Godspeed
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    UPS AND DOWNS poster

    I would like another. Lost mine in a house fire
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    Havasu AV gas locations

    I was recently at Parker Oil in Havasu. The 100 pump was very slow. Making a lot of noise. Probably time for a filter change at the pump
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    How about a Laugh...Replace Fauci with Carlin

    Ahead of his time
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    Shout out to " Flat Tops Marine" in Havasu

    Definitely a talented guy
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    Rzr shop for repair

    Stupid tax
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    Rzr shop for repair

    Thanks I will call in the morning