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  1. H8Plow

    Who bought all the RDP hats?

    In the RDP store buying an led whip and thought well hell I don't want to get sunburned during our June trip to pirates. No hats, anyone have an eta when there might be some? Thanks
  2. H8Plow

    Waterproofing seat risers with Flex Seal?

    Has anyone tried using Flex Seal as a waterproofing agent instead of resin for their seat risers? I had to rebuild my rear bench seat riser because the original was completely destroyed from water damage. I was thinking along the lines of how rhino lining works and thought since you don’t see...
  3. H8Plow

    Bravo Skeg Repair

    Hey RDP Crew, I know someone has probably wondered about this. Previous owner damaged the skeg and I'm wondering what and if is the best way to go about fixing this issue. Can a shop simply heat the metal up and make the rib straight again and file it back to a nice knife edge? Or would it be...
  4. H8Plow

    Bravo1 Gimbal Upgrade

    Hello RDP, I am in the process of upgrading from the stock gimbal ring to the SS Hill version. I have basically ordered everything new to fully rebuild this assembly. My main question is if it is possible to replace the raw water pickup (the one that causes Bravoitis) hose while the engine is...
  5. H8Plow

    Heard Cool Kids Hangout Here

    Hello RDP Crew! Been lurking for awhile but having just bought a boat decided it was time to be a part of the RDP. When I was younger I had a Hondo flatty and have just been in love with vintage era boats since, sorry not a fan of the new. After casing these forums and a few others looking for...