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  1. Bugginout

    Bahner 21 vdrive.

    Anyone have any information on these boats? Only seen them with a jet. It will be getting a 532 bbc with a little nitrous and a power glide. Supposedly the guy who owned it before claimed a big mph number. Everyone's boat goes 100 miles an hour if you ask them tho.
  2. Bugginout

    Forgot the storage keys!

    Cleaned out my truck last week and put my storage and trailer keys on the bench in my Garage! Currently in Parker and my boat is a hostage in Havasu lmfao. My brother has two boats with him. My wife looked at me and giggled and said at least we don't have to clean it🤣🤘I love this woman!!
  3. Bugginout

    Kurtis river cruiser vdrive

    Any information I can get on this hull would be awesome. I am looking at a 1972 hull. It's a complete basket case with new stringers. Comes with a lot of parts. Is it the same bottom as a spectra? I've never seen a kurtis river cruiser I think that's why I like it.
  4. Bugginout

    19 schiada help

    Question for you guy's. We are redoing my buddies 19 ft schiada and would like to know some opinions on removing the foam under the bow. Is it a good idea? It was having a hard time carrying the nose last year and it is upside down now to re gel the bottom. Thanks in advance for any and all input.
  5. Bugginout

    Domn8er 25 mid cabin open bow 496 HO

    Was looking for information on a boat I just bought. Nicest boat I have personally owned. Got a great deal on it. Boat runs and drives amazing. It's an 05 with 359 hours. Seems well put together. Was wondering if these hulls like a little more horsepower? My buddy has owned it since it had 17...
  6. Bugginout


    Looking for a nice family truckster. Open bow I have 25,000 cash in hand (In hundreds right now) Could be willing to go higher for the right boat. I've looked at 4 boat's in person in the past few day's and no luck. They were not as advertised lmao.
  7. Bugginout

    1970 spectra 20 vdrive

    So am wondering if anyone has any information on this boat I am probably going to buy this week. It looks really clean. I searched every spectra board and can find nothing on it. Looking for some history.