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  1. Minimatt

    2022 Toyota Tundra

    In April I got serious about buying another Tundra. Was told dealers can no longer order 2021's, and if I ordered a 2022, it wouldn't be delivered until the end of the first quarter of 2022. And there will be two engine options: turbo V-6, or hybrid. No more V8, and no diesel. And now I see it...
  2. Minimatt

    Blown Sanger mini cruiser

    V-bottom, v-drive with boost. What's not to like? That is a beautiful boat!
  3. Minimatt

    45 aspect trailer tires

    Those are great looking wheels. I understand why that is what you have your heart set on. I made my center cap cover the bearing buddy by machining about 0.060" off the backs of them so the bearing buddy could expand all the way out.
  4. Minimatt

    45 aspect trailer tires

    I'm not running as large a diameter as you are considering, but am on a 50-series. No issues whatsoever for the last 14 years. The only disadvantage I can see is they likely won't take a curb shot as well as a taller aspect sidewall would. For reference, I'm running a 245/50-17 on a 17x7 wheel.
  5. Minimatt

    Naci last Friday

    Based on the projected water release schedule, Heritage Ranch ramp is supposed to be closed by the last week of June, according to the mussel inspection crew there this weekend.
  6. Minimatt

    Lets see those boats

    1998 Mastercraft tow appliance. 2007 Miller Evolution v-drive
  7. Minimatt

    Lake Naci 2021

    Slight chance of up to a 1/4" of rain this coming Sunday/Monday. The lake level is projected to be at 16% by the first week of August, and at 9% the first week of December, per MCWRA.
  8. Minimatt

    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

  9. Minimatt

    Kristen Smart

    My wife was a 4th year architecture student at Cal Poly when this happened. Ms. Smart was first year architecture. Being Central Coast natives, and having been on Cal Poly for the previous 4 years, we knew/know many people connected with this case. We were out of town the weekend this happened...
  10. Minimatt

    Avila Beach Stay Recommendations

    Old Port Inn and fish market at the end of the pier is now closed. Was out favorite place to eat in Avila, from even before they rebuilt the town. If you want to stay in Avila Beach proper, we've heard from friends that have stayed that the Avila LaFonda Hotel is quite nice, and is just a block...
  11. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    Three pic's over the last three days. Sorry about the sun glare , and my finger blocking some of it on the last one.
  12. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    Working down in the Five Cities today, so will try and get back before dark to get another pic. If not, I'll do it tomorrow morning.
  13. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    This is the Heritage Ranch launch ramp. The photo is taken across the drive from the RV campground and the old HOA offices. Closest condos are about a mile away. Perhaps you are thinking of the public marina/Nacimiento Resort? They have rental cabins/condos over there that overlook the lake, as...
  14. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    This photo was taken at the same location, 24 hours after the previous one. I'd say the lake level is rising quickly. I just heard 4th-hand that we have received 13.5 inches of rain at the lake since this storm started.
  15. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    What contest did I just win? I don't even remember signing up for one... ;) It rained pretty good all night, and is still going. I'll try and get another photo from the same spot later today if it looks like the lake level has changed appreciably.
  16. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    Photo is from about 3:00 today. Rain and inflows have slowed down at the moment. If you look close you can see where the water was running much wider/deeper this morning. Still has several feet to come up before the ramp is usable.
  17. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    I tried! It was dumping rain, and the photos I tried taking make it look like visibility was 10'... Perhaps when I get home this afternoon I can snag a decent pic.
  18. Minimatt

    Naci/San Antonio: Fill er up!

    Drove down to the Heritage ramp at 7:15 this morning to have a look. There was so much water coming down the tributary southeast of the ramp that some of the docks were floating in the "river". The lake level hasn't come up high enough to float them, but it is definitely coming up quickly.
  19. Minimatt

    out of state truck purchase

    When I did it a few years ago, I had to have the VIN verified (they needed to see the VIN both on the frame and the body), in addition to the certified weight ticket somebody mentioned. And of course have it emissions tested. Otherwise it wasn't really any more difficult than anything at the DMV...
  20. Minimatt

    Congratulations California!!!!

    Nah, we won't let any collect in the reservoirs to fight fires. We'll let it dump into the ocean to save the delta smelt and the Madagascar fruit tree bat, or whatever the endangered species du jour is at the moment...