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  1. rsvrdogs

    Rzr shop for repair

    So....long story short, I was trying to put new exhaust on my Rzr and I inadvertently snapped one of the bolts off at the turbo. I was finally able to drill out the broken bolt, but in trying to retap the threads I have now broken off the tap in the turbo. At this point I am out of time and...
  2. rsvrdogs


    Looking to buy 525 efi. Low hours. Any help. Would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. rsvrdogs

    Cock,pit cover

    Who would be the go to person to have a cock pit cover made in Havasu. Thanks
  4. rsvrdogs

    A life taken too soon.

    As I am sure some of you have heard of this senseless death. There will be a memorial next Sunday if people are still in town and would like to stop by. Information on the flier below.
  5. rsvrdogs

    Speed I'd Sound

    We have used them several times in the past few years but I just wanted to say thanks So much for taking care of us today. They fixed what we though might be a huge issue in a matter of minutes and we were on our way. It is nice to deal with a place that has so much integrity. We will continue...
  6. rsvrdogs

    Speed of Sound Havasu

    Just want to Say thanks to Mike over at Speed of Sound in Lake Havasu! We had a new stereo installed along with two exterior remotes and two speakers on our boat. For the remotes he has to cut small holes in the exterior of the boat to install them where we wanted them. I have to say the work...
  7. rsvrdogs

    Remote controlled thermostat?

    We are looking for a thermostat that we can turn on remotely from an iPhone application. We have a vacation home in Havasu and would like to be able to turn on the AC in the summer when we are headed out that way. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks
  8. rsvrdogs

    Looking for a pontoon

    I am looking for a Pontoon Boat in decent shape, I am working with a bout a $6000 budget. Does anyone know of any availalble? I would like about a 20 to 24 footer. Thank you!!