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    2011-14 Jeep GC mirror and door handle covers

    Came across these cleaning out the garage. Brand new never installed. Our GC had the chrome handles and mirrors and the plan was to black them out in the body matched Black Crystal but never did. They might fit other years or models (reading the label the handle covers at least do) Don't even...
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    SOLD - 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe – 23k miles, 24” wheels, 2/3" lowered - SOLD

    2018 Chevy Tahoe - no dents, no dings, no scratches, non smoker, no kids or pets or monsters of any other kind in it - its very clean 23k miles Dealer serviced at Selman and Bradley Black leather interior - 3rd row has never been used Heated seats/wheel Lowered with 2” spindles in front, 3”...
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    Resident RAM dealer connect

    I've had a "guy" for the last 15 years but he's no longer in the business. My recent attempts to buy another Ram have been, well shitty to put bluntly. So I know we have a guy for Chevy, and Cadillac etc....do we have a Ram guy? I'm in Havasu but will travel some for the right truck and deal.
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    Bison Rd Shooting

    just passing along some info. Since I'm sure these pages are monitored also I'm not going to go in to too many details, but be very aware that the BLM rangers are going after people shooting out off Bison, and especially tannerite. They have hidden trail cams back there as well and are also...
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    Available Spot - RDP Regatta

    Due to some medical stuff with the wife we aren't going to be able to partake in a lot of the activities for the regatta so I thought I'd see if anyone might be interested in taking my spot. Its for a 25'. if someone wants it I'd make them a deal at say $200.
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    Havasu Home brewers

    any home brewers here in Havasu? just getting my stuff set back up, I know the water out here sucks so wondering what you guys are doing to treat it? Where you getting your gas filled? and as far as I can see the closest supply stores are in Vegas yea?
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    spare 496HO PCM anyone?

    One of the local shops is trying to figure out an issue on my boat and they want to test a different PCM and don't have any boats in right now with the 2nd gen 496HO. it has to have the fuel cooling box style pump, not the one with the screw on fuel filter. Anyone have one that they can borrow...
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    Local cash games?

    Checking to see if there are any regular poker games here in Havasu? I know most people keep a close tab on the players invited in the circle but if anyone has a seat they want to fill shoot me a msg. Looking to play in the 2-500 range, maybe better for the right game. I overheard a couple...
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    Flooring in Havasu

    Want to get a few bids for some new flooring in Havasu and figured this is my best bet for referrals. On the fence between doing tile or wood. It will be 3 bedrooms and the family room area. Who do we recommend around here? Much appreciated.
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    Car/Rod shop in the IE

    I believe we have a few shop owners around here but I'm looking for a shop in the IE area to help me out with a few things on my '56 Cadillac, fuel and electrical related. Any recommendations are appreciated!
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    Las Vegas Commercial Electrician

    I am an area manager for a large telecommunications firm that does turnkey work for the carriers direct and looking for some guys that can support my teams. I am in need of a commercial electrician that I can sub some work out to in the Vegas market. Any Telecommunications related experience is...
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    best app to stream PPV these days

    Guess its been a while since I tried to use the smartstream for PPV, my old go to's are gone. What is everyone using these days to stream PPV events like UFC?
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    Home avail this weekend?

    Any last minute availability for a house or condo to rent in Havasu? Coming in to town either friday afternoon or saturday morning and leaving sunday. No kids, no partying, just a quick trip to look at some homes to buy for myself.
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    1960 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 V8, 700R

    I probably should have listed it here a while back, but I've sold the car twice now and got burned by the buyers (once on ebay winning bid, once on CL). Anyway...here's the car. Short story why I'm selling, I got burned by an engine builder for several grand for an engine I was building for this...
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    Rev4 25p or Signature 5 blade 25p to test

    I'm considering buying one of the 2 mentioned props and thought I might ask if anyone has either they'd let me test? I'll be out next Thur-Sun in Havasu. Just thought I'd ask! In case anyone is interested I have a Bravo1 24p and a Cutting Edge labbed 26p I could offer to test in trade as well.
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    Any place show the UFC fights?

    I messed up my dates and will be in Havasu next weekend and the UFC card is one I really wanted to watch. Do any of the bars or places show the PPV fights? I know a lot show the under cards, but the actual main card event.
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    U.S. House Appropriations Committee sent ?a strong message? to the U.S. Fish and Wild

    http://www.havasunews.com/news/amendment-calls-out-fish-and-wildlife-service-for-proposed-boating/article_bab39932-3378-11e6-8da1-eb13c4d162f4.html?platform=hootsuite I would think this is going to help?