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    Boat Rental in Havasu?

    when we have large groups come to town we've rented a toon a few times. in the past I just needed a couple weeks. I talked to one company I used a few weeks ago and he said for weekends you better rent at least a month in advance if not more. I haven't tried this summer but was planning to soon
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    Wrap a Jeep Lake Havasu ?

    Does Gator wraps have another spot with a shop? I can't imagine the laundry mat having many options to actually do work on anything in there
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    Bravo 1 24p Prop

    I have the same boat and set up. A 26 is what I run most of the time. I have a labbed 26 cutting edge that was best, but after it got dinged up and relabbed its got some issues. right now I'm running a regular BRavo 1 26 and it still runs good. Tops out at around 72 with 2 people and half fuel...
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    Laveycraft quality

    its funny, I have a couple spots that I need gel repaired and the 2 guys I've taken it to both commented about how every single color and panel is a fade and how much harder that makes. The defnitely stand out for sure.
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    Last day....thank you RDP!

    well done sir. With family that have done full careers in law enforecment, the stories I've heard and the pain I've seen is pretty impactful. And I'll gladly beer you if I ever get the chance to thank you
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    Parker drowning

    if you don't stop and learn from the lessons life provides, your odds of being a dumb statistic are high. Thanks for sharing and RIP to your friend. I'm sure the company selling that knife is wondering what happened today, I know I just bought 2.
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    Laveycraft quality

    I have one and I do feel its more solid that a lot of boats I ride in. I've also been approached by a few people asking to buy mine because of the exact statements above. Whether its really true or not I don't know but it seems like that is the perception
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    Thompson bay accident

    unfortunately I was at the hopsital yesterday for another reason when the family came in. Prop strike ended up not being too bad so thats the good, but man, sitting there listening to call after call with friends and family, knowing what was going on, the cries etc...that was brutal to listen...
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    Fathers Day Brisket

    considering at least a 1hr rest, I'd say its behind your 4pm schedule but at 167 sounds like you passed the stall
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    Fathers Day Brisket

    how many lbs is it, looks decent size? sounds to me like you'll need to wrap it if you want to be slicing by 4
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    2016 Bennington Q2575 Tri-toon 8.2L Merc.

    Just curious what you want the change for over this?
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    Solar lease question

    unfortunately in todays market a buyer doesn't have much leverage. Unless maybe a new purchase is contingent on this sale, or some other need to get this closed quick, They could cancel your contract and have it back under contract in no time. Sucks for sure
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    Smoker Recommendations

    no issues with temp control or flare ups? I kinda like that idea for more even smoke
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    New Sprint/Tmobile SIM card

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    Smoker Recommendations

    I did a brisket 2 weekends ago and tried some mesquite lump ( I usually do Kingsford and various wood chunks) and I though it went through a lot of fuel considering overnight temps were pretty nice. Temp fluctuations were slightly more as well. Interesting, never heard that before
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    New Sprint/Tmobile SIM card

    I wouldn't do it, wait and upgrade the actual phone to a true TMO network phone **Sorry I should have included...that upgrade has to happen before the end of this year...lol
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    Smoker Recommendations

    I have a camp chef too, and I really like it for every day cooks. It repalced a propane for me. I've done ribs a few times on it and it works, its not as good as the WSM, but it works and it obviously easier.
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    Smoker Recommendations

    for those with WSM, adding a temp control set up like a DigiQ or Pit Viper was one of the best things I did for the long overnight cooks https://bbqguru.com/storenav?CategoryId=1
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    Smoker Recommendations

    like many others I have a pellet, a kettle and a WSM. I ditched the propane when I got the pellet. The pellet does ok for regularly cooking and smoking smaller things for shorter time. I've ran the WSM for about 8 years now and just recently have been contemplating a offset stick burner to...