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  1. branier

    Fox's Park model rentals

    Has anyone stayed in the park model rentals at Fox's RV park? What was the experience like, and would you recommend it with an 8 year old? We are currently boat less (sold just before the pandemic) and we miss hanging out at Fox's on the beach in the summer. I am leary as to the condition...
  2. branier

    Replacing swim steps on Ultra custom boat

    On our last trip out at Parker, my buddy noticed that the swim steps on his 21' 01 Ultra LX had a good bit of corrosion on the bottoms of them. He was thinking that he might try and replace them himself, and it looks like Eddies Marine may carry his style of swim step off the shelf. I took a...
  3. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    If anyone is going to be driving through Parker AZ today, tomorrow or Friday could you roll by Vinnies Automotive and see if A) they have a different phone number on the outside of the place because I hope it's been changed and/or B) if they even look open for business? If you are really bold...
  4. branier

    Boat upholstery in Parker AZ

    My buddy needs his Ultra boat back bench seat reupholstered. Does anyone know if there is a place in Parker that does upholstery? Thanks!