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  1. robby dmax

    Trailer Tires/Rims: Why is it so hard?

    They did on mine!!
  2. robby dmax

    Chevy suspension lift?

    You get what you pay for!!! Worth the wait.
  3. robby dmax

    Rim Rash Repair Recommendation?

    Wheel concepts in Camarillo did a fantastic job on my chrome wheel!!
  4. robby dmax

    ceramic coating car

    the place is nor what it used to be had them retint my truck with 3M crystalline I had to go back three times.. and Shonna is no longer there
  5. robby dmax

    08’ DCB F26

    Just step up and put a whipple on the damn thing already.. haha
  6. robby dmax

    FYI-US West prepares for possible 1st water shortage declaration

    Quit giving it to all the illegal immigrants and we may not have a problem!!!
  7. robby dmax

    Real or fake ?

    Nope not at all Grads... just who they belong too.. a total cunt so makes it hard to look at them.
  8. robby dmax

    Big Thanks to Fallon Marine!

    I was thinking you were going to pull the white power card on us Dave!!
  9. robby dmax

    Barrett Custom Marine today..

    Aj is definitely a class act and a heck of a nice guy!!! Always looking to help you out!!
  10. robby dmax


    I agree with above couldn’t give it away finally some came along and gave me $50 wasn’t worth my time. so hopefully you will have better luck😎
  11. robby dmax

    250k for a magic is it worth it lol

    It is still a magic and not a DCB!!!
  12. robby dmax

    [WTB] Bravo 30p

    Any pictures of it?
  13. robby dmax

    [WTB] WTB 496 HO

    Be very careful using CHRIS from the above shop you just never know what you are getting from him.. and yes I speak from experience.
  14. robby dmax

    Best shocks 2005 GMC 2500

    i agree that is why I was asking.. I am going to try one for myself as I think they have an Outstanding product
  15. robby dmax

    Best shocks 2005 GMC 2500

    Just Google Bilstein 5100 steering stabilizer and you will see all the negative of the truck pulling from the shock that is why I didn’t do the bilstein
  16. robby dmax

    Need Opinions - Stuff For My 2004 GMC 2500HD

    I hear good things about boost auto parts they say there mirrors are pretty good for aftermarket.
  17. robby dmax

    Need Opinions - Stuff For My 2004 GMC 2500HD

    What ever you decide on for wheels.. look at the Michelin LTX for your tires you get what you pay for.. I had them on my 2003 2500HD long bed and the truck ride and drove like a million bucks.
  18. robby dmax

    Best shocks 2005 GMC 2500

    that is why I asked they say that the bilstein will have a Slight Paul as it is a gas charge shock. Take it off and see if your problem goes away!!
  19. robby dmax

    Best shocks 2005 GMC 2500

    How is the steering with the bilstein that say there is is always a little pull with it? True or false?