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  1. SLEEK28

    1997 Sleekcraft Enforcer - SOLD

    Great looking boat. GLWTS!
  2. SLEEK28

    Beautiful 2007 Sleek Craft

    Congrats. That was a beautiful boat!
  3. SLEEK28

    2006 Magic 30ft Septor

    Very nice Magic!! It wont last long at all at that price. GLWTS
  4. SLEEK28

    Looking for first motorhome (possibly)

    HI Dave. My folks have passed that age where they feel safe driving their motorhome and are ready to let it go. With having to relocate them and get them moved back to our hometown, we just haven't had time to detail it, take pictures, and get it listed. I know it will be well within your price...
  5. SLEEK28

    4K Fire Stick $25

    It just worked for me (I'm not a prime member). Thanks Chili Palmer
  6. SLEEK28

    One of the best gifts ever!

    That is a gift which came straight form the heart! Congratulations. :)
  7. SLEEK28


    I don't chime in very often, but I have to give some input on this subject. I currently have two of the 2v V-10 crew cabs and a Suburban with the 8.1. There is absolutely no comparison. Calling the V10s anemic is an understatement. You wont be disappointed by the reliability of the Excursion...
  8. SLEEK28

    Gained a son in law last Sunday

    We cant put into words what a breathtaking daughter you two have. She is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside!! We are overjoyed that she aligned with such a fantastic young man. They have an amazing future together on the horizon!! Thank you much for allowing us to be a...
  9. SLEEK28

    Whoever mentioned the Sea Dek flip flops

    Order direct thru Grundens and get a 20% discount for first time customers. Free shipping as well.
  10. SLEEK28

    Silverado 1500 Suspension Build

    Great stance Pronstar!! I would kill to have a truck that rides that nice. The majority of the guys I ride with have the Trail Grapplers and happier with those than anything that they have run in decades.
  11. SLEEK28

    [WTB] 2015+ Ford Expedition Limited

    Thanks much Pronstar. No doubt on the pricing on the new SUV's. It is getting insane.
  12. SLEEK28

    [WTB] 2015+ Ford Expedition Limited

    It's a 2015 Black, 4x4, 43k miles, Asking $32.5K - negotiable We live in Albuquerque New Mexico. But have a place in Havasu, so could always meet you out there (Or anywhere else in the middle). SUV is in excellent shape. We're just consolidating vehicles Leather Navigation Sync/Bluetooth...
  13. SLEEK28

    [WTB] 2015+ Ford Expedition Limited

    Are you still in the market for an Expedition. I have a very clean, fully loaded XLT that we are putting up for sale. 2015 , 43k miles 4x4
  14. SLEEK28

    What was the first boat you single skied behind?

    1960 Crosby 15 footer with a 35HP Evinrude. Not a powerhouse by any means.
  15. SLEEK28

    Old school js550 parts or mechanic

    Back To Old School https://www.facebook.com/BacktoOldSchoolDave
  16. SLEEK28

    HEY-LAM , bought a dynamax..

    Looks great Steve!! You always know how to dial these rigs in. I would be very happy with 10MPG. That coach is exactly what the wife and I have wanted for years. I'll be following your progress on this one closely (... and waiting for it to go up for sale :thumbsup:cool)
  17. SLEEK28

    HEY-LAM , bought a dynamax..

    Hey there Steve, Awesome rig! :thumbsup:thumbsup What kind of mileage did you get on your way back to Vegas?
  18. SLEEK28

    New Orleans, French Quarter, Things to do

    Central Market - Muffletta Caf? Du Monde - Biegnets (Big lines.. but a must) El Gato Negro in the French Market for Margaritas Camellia Grill - Great food at a cheap price. Perfect place when your hungry. Good late night food.
  19. SLEEK28

    The Ghetto Cruiser

    Looks like a super clean Caddy Dave. :thumbup: You'll love how that handles your boat. How many miles on it?