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  1. branier

    cowboy boots?

    I have several pairs of Lane boots. While they cater more towards women's styles, they do carry a few men's boots as well. Every pair of Lane's that I own are comfy, and really well made. But they are definitely more of a modern style cowboy boot, and made for going out not everyday work...
  2. branier

    Blue Water : Bankruptcy?

    We haven't even been in there in a couple of years, but when we did stop in it was to use the bathroom and get a drink at the island bar. There was a really nice older bartender that always showed us some love with the drinks, and he always was there in the AM when we started our day of...
  3. branier

    Fox's Park model rentals

    Has anyone stayed in the park model rentals at Fox's RV park? What was the experience like, and would you recommend it with an 8 year old? We are currently boat less (sold just before the pandemic) and we miss hanging out at Fox's on the beach in the summer. I am leary as to the condition...
  4. branier

    Anyone been to Big Bear Lake recently?

    We were up there 2 weeks ago, our friend has a house in Boulder Bay but its not on the water with its own dock. We walked down to the marina, talked to the employee there because she was looking at buying a pontoon that was for sale with a slip. He said he has not seen the water level this...
  5. branier

    What is your favorite coffee?

    The hubbie really likes https://longbowroasters.com/ and usually gets the Chiapas blend. When he wants strong cowboy coffee, he gets that from https://arbucklecoffee.com/. Once and awhile we get free Coffee bean coffee from work, and that he has to spice up with a shot of Tuaca to give it...
  6. branier

    Theft Victim

    I see plenty of initial police reports that are very detailed. IF that report gets assigned to a detective, then they do their investigation and write supplemental reports like cb5505 said. That PC section that the records lady quoted you is not a valid release section as far as I can tell...
  7. branier

    Hay burners?

    Growing up, we couldn't afford horses (living in the city) so I rode anyone's horses that I could, which usually meant the crazy ones no one else wanted to ride. I was an adult when I owned my first horse, and I had him for 15 years. My old guy made it to 26, then colic got him this past...
  8. branier

    Replacing swim steps on Ultra custom boat

    From what I remember (it was 3 months ago) it was the brackets that had the most corrosion, although the steps had a little too. I remember not seeing any obvious mounting screws on the brackets on the outside of the boat, so I assume the screws to the mounts/brackets are accessible through the...
  9. branier

    Replacing swim steps on Ultra custom boat

    On our last trip out at Parker, my buddy noticed that the swim steps on his 21' 01 Ultra LX had a good bit of corrosion on the bottoms of them. He was thinking that he might try and replace them himself, and it looks like Eddies Marine may carry his style of swim step off the shelf. I took a...
  10. branier

    Nigerian dwarf, Pygmy goats, silkie chicks

    Congrats on your new additions! Those goats are so stinkin cute and your kids smiles will make it all worth it! I am glad you seem to be waiting on the horses, at least for now. Those will probably be in your future but I would settle in with these guys first, see how it goes. As for...
  11. branier

    Nigerian dwarf, Pygmy goats, silkie chicks

    I have been around two goats, owned one horse and still have 4 chickens so I am going to speak to working with those animals only. Horses are like dogs, you have to feed twice and clean at least once everyday. Another poster is also right, horses tend to break shit, or break themselves somehow...
  12. branier

    How many times did you boat this summer?

    Only twice this year. We are hoping to maybe squeeze in one last trip near the end of Oct/beginning of Nov but that is very doubtful. One of the times we went this year was Memorial day, and while I was not a huge fan of how crowded it was in Parker at least I was out there at the river for 4...
  13. branier

    IndyCar finale from Sonoma

    We will be watching on the tube... got RHR on my fantasy team, so hopefully he stays in front! Sonoma is a great venue, my bestie went there last year and said it was a great place to watch a race. We may get to Austin next year, but we go every year to LB usually on Friday to watch...
  14. branier

    Do you guys watch Youtube Channel Streams?

    Good to see so many Sailing LaVagabonde and SV Delos fans on this page! I figured since they are sailboats they wouldn't be followed that much around here. We have been Patreons for years for both channels, keep hoping to hear our name being called on SLV someday.... We also subscribe to a...
  15. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    She did, and thanks again Timmmmy! I really appreciate it, one less thing to worry about before we head out in the AM. See you on the water!
  16. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    Thanks a bunch Timmmmmy!
  17. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    They still haven't called us back so if anyone happens to drop in tomorrow and get a phone number or ask them to call Kris Thompson about his boat that would much appreciated! Either way it sounds like they may be open during the summer on weekends, although they always asked us to call ahead...
  18. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    Timmmmmy that could be why they didn't call after he left the voicemail, but the storage number is out of service which is why we were concerned. Hopefully if Riverbottom gets a chance to go by there, he can give me the new number or they will call us in the AM. They have always been very cool...
  19. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    Thanks Riverbottom! I really appreciate any help, even just a fly by. They aren't usually open on weekends, so you have to get a hold of them to have them put the boat out on a Sat or Sun.
  20. branier

    Need some help with a phone number in Parker

    If anyone is going to be driving through Parker AZ today, tomorrow or Friday could you roll by Vinnies Automotive and see if A) they have a different phone number on the outside of the place because I hope it's been changed and/or B) if they even look open for business? If you are really bold...