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  1. cave

    Saguaro Weekends AKA the SAG

    Its been a great time so far this 2014 season here locally. good time with good people.
  2. cave

    Jan 1st 2014 get together at the SAG

    For years its been a tradition for the locals here at the SAG to get together on New Years day at the SAG. This year we held it up on the front beach so those who were working on their Pyles were able to attend. Good Hung Over times were had. Good friends hooking up on the 1st day...
  3. cave

    December 2013 boating Mesa AZ

    I love Summer boating. With all the wake boats churning up the water the fun part of driving a low profile smaller boat is driven to Zero fun. So when the water temps hit the 50 and 40 degree mark our waters are absolutely awesome for running. Kinda like back in the day! Summers...
  4. cave

    Funday at Saguaro aka the SAG

    Good weekend with good friends Life in AZ is good!
  5. cave

    Will there be an RDP Live cam this year at DS?

    It was cool watching the shenanigans go on.
  6. cave

    A ride in the nameless Saguaro Lake AZ

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFhksyXXCfA :finger the haters :D
  7. cave

    I stole Fo Sitty's I phone AGAIN.lol

    Post up some Clean pis T-Row!!!!! Show off my amazing camera skillz THE CLEANS ONES! I love the SAG!
  8. cave

    I stole 460 Iphone Ha ha

    HA ha Gotcha I think I snapped a hundred or so. :eek Post em up FO SITTY.
  9. cave

    80 plus degrees today in Mesa AZ. Anyone want a ride?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5D51r_xq8s&feature=youtu.be Water was nice. Temps were sunburn type. people were cool. Fluids were Ice cold. The SAG at its best. 460 is in this vid at the mid point cruising the Griz. fo sitty, Thanks for the tow buddy. Dam Optimas. They need to make them...
  10. cave

    Saturdays Ride in the namless

    80 plus degrees today at the SAG. Water was clean and as good as its going to get. In a few weeks it will be Wake Bote City here. The water will resemble the Pacific. I got mine in today. As did a few good friends!. Arizona Boating! :D:thumbup: Caution, Boating content
  11. cave

    A little sumpthin for the haters

    Another ride in the nameless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYwRBjlF2QA Couple of more weeks till Spring! Summers Coming
  12. cave

    How long do you wait?

    You get to the lake or river and launch your boat. You ready to start your weekend.
  13. cave

    79 degrees in Mesa AZ today, Lake time II Sunday Funday

    Since the bote is still together :D I said to myself, self, lets go to the lake again. Good Call too! I love Arizona. :D:thumbup: Got my 1st sunburn of the season too.:grumble: I'm still breaking in the engine so its a tame ride. Come on along...
  14. cave

    80 degrees in Mesa AZ today. Lake Time

    1st water test of the year for the nameless :D What an Awesome day.
  15. cave

    the nameless is back.

    July 3rd 2012, i managed to sheer the 3 grade 8 bolts that fasten the cam gear to the cam. Since then I've been building a newer mill. using the old block, crank, rods, heads and blower. The engine got new bearings and a freshly ground and polished crank. The heads were freshened up too. The...
  16. cave

    Jet Rebuilding 101

    I freshened my Berkeley and added an inducer. I had more than a few questions that were answered by Tom and a few others out there in the know. I found this old link that kinda answered a few of my questions like were do I measure for the impy to wear ring clearance. Kinda of a cool read. It...
  17. cave

    Hey LAM :)'

    After 4 years of arguing with myself about this. I finally pulled the trigger on an inducer. In 2009 I added a blower to the engine. Yay for me! But with that addition, the added weight and increased HP left me wishing for that lost bottom end PUNCH this Pyle had with the 509 ci bow tie. It was...
  18. cave

    Polishing :( Sux

    But the end results are awesome Soon my Engine will be back from the machine shop. Now I got some time to really get into the polishing mode. No where as clean as Outlaws. That guy has arms like Popeye the Sailor. I'm just getting started. My valve covers are beat up pretty good form the...
  19. cave

    Cool Video by Mike aka Cyclone

    Awesome video. That boat just plain kicks ass! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=knUneRfvY_o
  20. cave

    WOW the commercials on the left

    Are these new on the VB4? Do they have to take up all that space to the left? Maybe centered so pics can be seen without a scroll bar?