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  1. Fonz69

    Project Edge Stealth Jet

    So I figured I would start a build thread on the new project as the 21 Daytona project switched gears and now will be on its way to Washington to become a blown jet boat. I picked up this 1998 Edge Stealth from Harrison Stepp who races the same type of hull with twin turbos and runs in the 140...
  2. Fonz69

    [WTS] 1994 Pacesetter Daytona

    1994 Pacesetter Daytona This boat was built in Shawano WI out of the Eliminator Daytona molds during the ownership changeover to Obsession boat company and originally was setup for an outboard. I had a local boat builder install the taller stringers in the back so a jet drive could be installed...
  3. Fonz69

    21 Pacesetter Daytona Build

    So here goes, I purchased this 21 as a bare hull this spring and the goal is to make it a family friendly river raft to replace our current 20mph pontoon. I’ve always been a jet boat guy and my last 21 Daytona had blown 540 bbc and topped out at 120mph. It was a blast and was very...