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  1. Nailhead

    Sternpower drive

    I don’t know the guy but it says it’s in Van Nuys
  2. Nailhead

    Calgo steering help

    Don does some great work on his parts. The quadrant is what Norm recommended to use.
  3. Nailhead

    Calgo steering help

    He didn’t, he made a few things for the steering and I got one of his driveline covers.
  4. Nailhead

    Calgo steering help

    Great to hear it’s resolved. Norm Grimes is a very helpful guy , we worked out on installing the Calgo setup in our 24’ Campbell. He gave me a bunch of parts and some housing so I could get the route and proper lengths. Are you using a quadrant or tiller arm on the rudder?
  5. Nailhead

    Sternpower drive

    I keep thinking about buying it, it pops up for sale every so often. I looked at it about 20 years ago and the interior was still there, now it needs stringers along with interior. Somebody is selling it on Facebook marketplace for $3000
  6. Nailhead

    Sternpower drive

    My dad built this Centurion at the Dimarco shop. Ralph was recommending the stern power over the mercruiser back then Saying it was the same as a speed master 3. Your Dimarco and this boat were built at the same time Right next to each other. had a twin turbo BBC in it with about 600hp And a...
  7. Nailhead

    Happy Hour, Happy Hour going in for a complete makeover

    Not a whole bunch new, got most of the wiring done at the engine and at the dash I just need to connect the dots. Waiting on our interior appt and will be getting the gel coat redone in the bilge soon. Broke my collarbone in March racing desert so that’s been a big hiccup having to get it...
  8. Nailhead

    Custom trailers

    We made the mistake of having Frank restore our trailer, welds covered up with bondo, horrible paint job, cheap led lights. When he lifted the boat off the trailer the stainless cap rail got all jacked up, left the boat uncovered in the rain with the engine exposed, when he tried to clean the...
  9. Nailhead

    Spectra 19 wanted

    There’s the 19’ Long deck that Foxwell had/has. It’s in the classified section or this compete GMT Spectra https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/1983-19-gmt-spectra.235069/
  10. Nailhead

    Vintage cowl vent for blower

    CP shows them online but out of stock. We had ours rechromed a few years ago. Keeping with the era of the boat is always nice. https://www.cpperformance.com/p-14381-chrome-cowl-vent.aspx
  11. Nailhead

    Old race and wood ski

    $60 is what I paid for mine with the original bindings and decal still on it. I’d pay the same for yours just to have a pair.
  12. Nailhead

    Old race and wood ski

    The square tail is a Feather glide, I'd be interested so mine would have company on the wall
  13. Nailhead

    Happy Hour, Happy Hour going in for a complete makeover

    It’s closer but had to stop since I was off work almost 6 months with this Covid crap. I’m down to getting a couple things buttoned up, need upholstery and wiring.
  14. Nailhead

    Turbo flats

    I’ve seen that engine up for sale recently
  15. Nailhead

    WTB - Drivline Guard Adapter

    I got mine from Fantasy rigging. Last time I was there he had a couple on the shelf
  16. Nailhead

    24’ Campbell new wood

    The lower part of the post was made by Don Mumma, the mid section is a Calgo post from Norm Grimes. Gauges are from Speed hut, you can design your own gauges thru them or talk with Shannon at Redline gauge works in Newhall.
  17. Nailhead

    24’ Campbell new wood

    I’ve been building the interior pieces for awhile now and just about ready for vinyl. Keeping it mostly original except the engine box to fit the new exhaust and follow the lines of the hull better. The passenger lounge and cabin seats are still original and in great shape. The vinyl will be...
  18. Nailhead

    Andy Clarks

    I’ve got a couple matching old school Andy Clarkes. One has somegood Vogue binding and the other ski the bindings need changed. How’s $200 for the pair
  19. Nailhead

    Pics of 24XS shifter

    What I posted is what came in our 24XS and Ive seen in others. Good Luck