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    Olympic Booty

    . Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    won kds oa qesone

    Ok here we go... It's only 10:30, but we got home safe, I love my daughter but party on Garth... Fuck the corporate b*******, just need to love more, no more BS. I love you all, Dave rocks and I love everyone on this forum (except the douchebag Democrats). Party on Garth! Sent from my...
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    What’s the song or band that takes you back?

    Blink 182, Green Day, Pennywise, Etc... Just a couple of high school seniors cruising PCH HB in 1999 in my buddies parent's brand new Toyota Avalon, thinking we were cool. We were not cool, but the music still is. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    30amp with 2 ac’s

    For reference, I can run all 3 ac units on the 5500 generator no problem, as long as the electric hot water heater element is off. I think you would be fine, just remember to kick one of the AC compressors off before using the microwave. An inline surge protector/voltage monitor is always a...
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    update: went with demco, PARKER CAMPING

    Pirates is super nice with the white sand beaches and beachfront Cabanas, but good luck getting a first row spot in the next 6 months. If you're on the second or third row there, you're kind of s*** out of luck unless somebody is cool enough to share their beach with you. La Paz County Park...
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    Getting hammered!

    "Hold my beer" ... Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    A dear friend took their life this week.

    You're not going to want to hear this, but your boss and mentor and friend had some demons hanging over his head. No matter how successful his business was on the outside, you never know what was happening on the inside. Sometimes people make bad decisions, and they can never get out from...
  8. yz450mm

    Helmets, off road and bicycle

    Adult large Fly helmet, grey and white, M2005, used by me but great for backup or visitor lid Adult small O'Neil, white and black, never used, DOT certified, perfect condition 2 bike helmets, very lightly used, too small for my 10 year old. These are wasting garage shelf space, trade for...
  9. yz450mm

    Toy Hauler shopping.

    2017 Duramax 3500 for the Triton, 2020 Duramax 3500 for the voltage. I put airbags on the 2020, it really helps the ride especially when you have that much pin weight. No major issues with either trailer. I have a couple thousand miles on the voltage already, and the only thing I've had to fix...
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    Toy Hauler shopping.

    I had a 2018 39 foot Triton before I got the new voltage, it was a very nice trailer but the Voltage is definitely worth the step up in price. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
  11. yz450mm

    Toy Hauler shopping.

    You might want to check out Jeff Couch's RV Nation back in Indiana. I bought a 2021 45' voltage from them in December, MSRP was in the 130s and I paid 72 plus 3k for delivery. Super easy process, and because I bought it when they had it on order, it never even hit the sales floor. Dutchmen sent...
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    Vegas…. What the F!

    Losers Lounge in the early 2000's? [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    Rent Boat with an Operator or Water Taxi. Parker, AZ

    Both of these similar threads kind of amaze me. Parker is a really friendly place... I have no doubt that a group of females (especially without any swinging dicks tagging along) would have no problem making friends and getting somebody to take them on a tour of the river. Even if some or all...
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    Unused fireworks

    Just go around back and put them in the bed of the first pickup truck you see, it's where they will end up anyways. [emoji23][emoji41] Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
  15. yz450mm

    RDP Commercial plumbers/ Fire inspectors....

    I've worked in a s*** ton of commercial buildings, and only seen MJ's used in an overhead sprinkler application this one time. I told the building owner that I had no idea why it was designed and installed that way, but this probably isn't the last time that we will have an issue. These...
  16. yz450mm

    RDP Commercial plumbers/ Fire inspectors....

    The leak I was referring to was at a tee in an overhead line above the T-bar. It shot out in a straight line, only affecting two rows of ceiling tiles. It ran for at least 15 minutes before it was shut down, but we never got a flow switch activation. The PIV would not shut down all the way, so I...
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    RDP Commercial plumbers/ Fire inspectors....

    The OP stated above that the dry side feeds 4 outdoor sprinkler heads. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
  18. yz450mm

    RDP Commercial plumbers/ Fire inspectors....

    I'm more focused on the root cause of the problem, which is the repeated large pressure fluctuations in the system. That's what's causing the leaks, and could easily cause a blowout in the middle of the night that could cost a s*** ton of money if nobody was there to shut it down quickly. One...
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    RDP Commercial plumbers/ Fire inspectors....

    Agreed, but he also stated that the pressure spikes and fluctuations have caused leaks, so the prv could at least take care of that issue. I would bet that he has MJ's in at least some areas, which would definitely be more affected by the pressure fluctuations than threaded fittings. If I were...
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    RDP Commercial plumbers/ Fire inspectors....

    This will help with the pressure spike portion of your problem. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk