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  1. batterup

    [SOLD] Pelican 150 Quart Cooler

    Nice meeting you as well. I realized after you left that you gave me an extra $10. I owe you are beer or two if I see you at Roadrunner. Thanks
  2. batterup

    [SOLD] Pelican 150 Quart Cooler

    We bought this last year, but it’s too big for our wives to drag around. We only used it twice to store bags of ice inside. Worked really well. Paid $600. RDP special pricing $250. Thanks for looking. Located in Earp/Parker.
  3. batterup


    I highly recommend Rob Von Esch in Fullerton. https://voneschlaw.com/ He is the best when it comes to anything construction related.
  4. batterup

    St George hotel and area recommendations

    We stayed at the Inn at Entrada last summer. It's on the outskirt of town and there is a lot of mountain biking in the area. Also, it's really close to Snow Canyon State Park. Note - They are homes, so you'll have a garage to keep your bikes. Also, it's a gated resort.
  5. batterup

    She put her finger in my boathole....

    You went out with a dirty boathole. That's just gross.
  6. batterup

    Living trust or being added to title

    My wife is an estate planning attorney is Brea. Feel free to give her a call. She is straight forward and will let you know the best steps to take or if you need to hire an attorney. Mention Keith referred you. haha Michelyn Miller - www.oclawpro.com 714-441-1410
  7. batterup

    Handyman needed for buddies Parker double wide remodel

    I second Glen. He remodeled our trailer and we were really happy.
  8. batterup

    So, I'm starting my own business

    Congratulations! Let me know if your insurance guy doesn’t provide a good option. My specialty is auto parts. I insure some the the biggest names in the business. Also, I recommend getting an inland/ocean marine policy instead of insuring your shipments through UPS. It will save you a lot of...
  9. batterup

    Covid and business

    I own a commercial insurance agency and business has been good. I think a lot of brokers dropped the ball on coverage changes that could've helped save companies premium during covid. I work with a lot or restaurants, contactors and auto part manufactures. Obviously restaurants took a hit...
  10. batterup

    Another pool thread (as if we needed another)

    Beautiful! Nice choice on the Tahoe Blue.
  11. batterup

    A Jobs / Classified section?

    I agree that a bulletin type board would be useful. Not necessarily to hire members, but rather their friends or family that might be looking. I've been looking for commercial insurance producers/trainees and support staff with no luck. I'm getting ready to hire a recruiter.
  12. batterup

    New series on tv

    I've been addicted to Alone lately. You can watch on the History Channel or the latest season on Netflix.
  13. batterup

    New California COVID reporting law?

    It’s a temporary Cal OSHA standard. §3205. COVID-19 Prevention. My clients all have it in place.
  14. batterup

    Probate attorney

    I sent you a PM. Reply with your phone number and I'll have my wife call you.
  15. batterup

    Charbroil Infrared Fryer

    Charbroil Big Easy Infrared Fryer. It was only use once and looks brand new. Unfortunately, we don't use it. $40, located in Yorba Linda
  16. batterup

    Probate attorney

    Great minds think a like.
  17. batterup

    Probate attorney

    My wife is a probate/estate planning attorney. I might be a little bias, but she is the best. Her name is Michelyn Miller. She takes extra good care of RDP members. www.oclawpro.com
  18. batterup

    Shooting in Whittier kohls

    Did you know any of the Buzoff kids?
  19. batterup

    Saturn and Jupiter

    Here are some pics that I took. Not the best, but you can at least see how close the are.
  20. batterup

    Greg ,or Grads

    It still shocks me how serious some people take an Internet forum. I hope he gets better soon.