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    Wanted: 2 Pairs SB Imco Power Flows and Risers

    What are you planning on for cams in the 427s? may not want to run Captains for reversion issues.
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    Wanted: 2 Pairs SB Imco Power Flows and Risers

    I've got a set (1) of EMI's with stainless risers that I extended and added O2 bungs. I'd like to go to Lightnings since I'm 600hp+ S/C 414cid. You'd have to source another set, but I think there is another floating around on the forums. I'd have to have the Lightning in hand before I could...
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    (SOLD)2001 496 mag ho (needs work)

    Price and location, please.
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    (WTT) IMCO -2 with 1.50 gears for 1.34 gears

    If you find one, but not to trade and you need to sell the 1.5, I would like to talk to you. Acrooks70@yahoo.com
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    [WTB] WTB: SBC parts; intake, heads, cam, rockers

    The Alpha take more than 320hp. Has more to do with how you treat it. I had a 383 437hp/479tq running at 57-5900RPM in both an Alpha 1 SS and a Gen 2. Never broke the Gen two, the SS broke a vertical shaft after the new owner put 500 or a little more in front of it. I wouldn't worry at all...
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    [SOLD] Bravo 1 XS 22 & 24 props

    I have a 24 that works awesome on my 230LX Stingray. Phenomenal hole shot. I believe my has been cut down and I think the increased diameter would help. Can you measure the 24 diameter and let me know. I'd be interested in it if it's not the same Diameter as mine.