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  1. wishiknew

    I have an idea for a "virtual" RDP get together....

    Well start putting up your numbers
  2. wishiknew

    Drive Thru Strip Club

  3. wishiknew

    A good steak!

  4. wishiknew

    First Chevy V-8

    the 55 did not have a crankcase breather on the rear top of the engine as the 56 did
  5. wishiknew

    First Chevy V-8

    what was the difference between the 1955 265 and the 1956 265 ?????
  6. wishiknew

    Just had my first Popeyes Chicken sandwich

    yes after 60 years still open
  7. wishiknew

    Gantry Hoist For Sold

    Not me
  8. wishiknew

    Gantry Hoist For Sold

    put me in 2nd if Namba does not want it Thanks
  9. wishiknew

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Were is this at ???? No More Pirates Cove ????
  10. wishiknew

    Willow Valley new home build

    plumber and electrician ??????? and what street ??? thanks
  11. wishiknew

    Mobile Home Trailer Mover

    Doyle is your best bet and he likes cash
  12. wishiknew

    Opinions on '13 duramax?

    16K is more like it
  13. wishiknew

    Opinions on '13 duramax?

    I had 3 2013 duramaxes 2 of the 3 ate the fuel pump not a 9000 dollar fix it was 16 K dollar fix not good it happened at approx 120K on both trucks
  14. wishiknew

    Today I am 10 years cancer free!

    Congrats Greg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. wishiknew

    HUGE thanks Bigbore500r

  16. wishiknew

    HUGE thanks Bigbore500r

    Congrats looks like good deal
  17. wishiknew

    Old tools you still use

    McGee , Walton or Cross State ????
  18. wishiknew

    Old tools you still use

    We used to use after shave to lube the yankee when the 1200 rpm cordless drills came out those were the shittt !!!!
  19. wishiknew

    [WTS] 1998 Ultra RS210

    big power ????
  20. wishiknew

    Saturday Night RDP Congrats too..

    at that point just drive it down the hill