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  1. Spudsbud

    While yer all confined....

    Attempt at distraction..... successfully attained Best to all ! Listen again!
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    April fools day?

    This morning, my wife texted our neighbor & 3 kids, We heard on news Governor is ordering all kids repeat their grade next year 😅 They blew a gasket !!! Mean old crow !!!
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    So Close, Yet So Far Away

    asked my kid this morning. His company is med supplier. Warehouse today, 1.5 million N95 masks. Today! Shipping as usual.
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    While yer all confined....

    Grab your Sweetie and have a dance on ole Reg ! :)
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    Sending parts out

    I'd wait. I agree with above post but if they close up...... you'llbe in court for months.... Just wait abit.
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    Regarding the Rain Forest, O2 scrubbing etc..... Estimated 3 times more trees on Earth today than 500 years ago because of reseeding and firefighters and simple training by Smokey the Bear. According to the U.S. Forestry service.
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    There is a planet out there..... inhabitted entirely....... by alien robots ! :oops: Really!
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    Channel closing........

    No boating... or no boat parking ?
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    Coming soon to RDP 😆😆😆

    Forwarded...... MANY times 😅
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    Need some wiring help

    what light switch? I only see wires.
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    Boating for the "Sheltered"

    Yes, boating content..... https://www.boatingmag.com/story/boats/vintage-outboard-racing/
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    HaaHaaa Cruise lines..... Bend Over!

    Hahaaa Cruise lines gittin Hosed Royally. Sorry..... youre not an American company. Aid is for U.S. only. OK.... fair I think. All those boats have foreign registery to legally dodge taxes 😅 F You boys !!!!
  14. Spudsbud

    ha i'm way funnier on pop than women think i am

    I hear constantly..... Thats not funny. Or, youre not funny. My response is Well, youre wrong. Im actually fucking hysterical,but with absolutely NO sense of humor, you cant tell..... ....... conversation usually ends right there.
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    Looting has started.

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    Quarantined in the Gulf of Mexico

    nice! enjoy!
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    Cruise ship

    Hold my beer.....
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    Time to kill ? Surf abit

    Stumbled onto this site. No joining required. Bunch of neat useless stuff you never knew you wanted ! https://www.edcapparatus.com/?page=1
  19. Spudsbud

    DS Pix from a few years back.....

    a little reminising if you have the time....... why not I thought. 2017 i think... Street Fair https://zenfolio.page.link/wQLM8 The Channel https://zenfolio.page.link/Ya7TF DS Misc Wandering About https://zenfolio.page.link/5Jf8s