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    Swamp cooler venting / return for use in a garage

    Curious if there is anything I need to do for this, our new place has a swamp cooler for the garage, its plumbed into a duct system that has 2-3 exit vents inside the garage. If I wanted to run the cooler with the garage shut, i'd assume I'd run into a pressure issue right? Should I setup some...
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    Best prices on bulk ammo in Havasu

    Curious who has the best prices on bulk ammo in Havasu. I wanted to do some shooting while out there for DS, but dont want to lug all that ammo out. Who has good prices on bulk normal standard ammo, 9mm, 223/556, 45, etc? I'm pretty sure Walmart stopped selling ammo, that was usually my goto...
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    Inmate spotting this AM: 15N in Norco

    I've seen this character a few times now, figured I'd post him up...
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    [WTB] 1980s - 1991 Suburban

    Looking for a 3/4 ton 4x4 gasser, but would consider the 6.5 diesel if its in good shape. Looking for something to keep at the Havasu house. Looking for something cleanish. Anyone holding onto anything?
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    Concept Marine still open?

    Tried to call over there today, but number on google says its disconnected? Figured i'd swing by and they're locked up tight. Is John still in business or just closed for the holidays?
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    Lifeline vest sales?

    I know they've had some pretty decent sales every so often, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was a yearly thing or just random? I have been holding out for a while, waiting for a sale to pick up a Sport vest.
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    [WTS] WEMA Fuel sender SSS 12" fuel - SAE 5 hole - IE / OC

    these are some of the newer captive float design sending units, much more reliable than the older style toilet bowl floats. Could not get them to slip into my tanks due to lack of space. Super bummed =( New, never used. $60 for 2 (half off retail)
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    [WTS] ATI BBC Super Damper - Internal balance - New In Box - IE / OC

    $280 ATI Super Damper - Internal balance Part number: 917060 New In Box. Ordered this for a build last month, only to realize after that fact that I needed an external unit, so this never came out of the box. My loss, your gain, save $30 and get it here.
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    Ups and Downs prints

    Is anyone actively printing this old picture? I think I need one for the garage out at the river. Or maybe someone has an old copy they'd want to get rid of?
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    [WTS] DJI Spark drone

    DJI Spark with Fly More pack (includes full remote + extra battery) + SD card + iphone cable + case $320 - Located in IE / OC, but can deliver to Havasu potentially (i'll be out there this weekend) This is a drone I picked up to film some video for a family vacation last year, but really only...
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    Any Suddenlink contacts on here?

    Trying to setup internet at a new property in Havasu, both neighbors on both sides have Suddenlink, but they're saying I'm "out of the area"? Would love to not have to deal with Frontier...
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    [WTS] Bose Quietcomfort 35 II's

    New in the plastic wrap, got them as a gift, but dont really NEED them. These are some of the nicer bluetooth active noise canceling headphones. Give them a quick lookup. Located in the IE, but will ship on buyers dime. I'll be out in Havasu 5/17-5/21 for you locals. $275 ($350 on amazon)
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    Reverse 1031 exchanges - What do I need to know?

    Scenario: Interested in buying a new rental property, want to buy a new rental property in cash up front, and then handle the sale of an existing rental property (30years ownership) Does anyone here do this kind of work? I realize the reverse 1031's are a little more expensive due to the extra...
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    Big Bear tomorrow, what do to?

    I'm thinking about running up to Big Bear tomorrow to check out the snow, maybe grab a couple beers and some food. Not into snow sports per se. Any "To Do" activities or restaurants or breweries up there? Any casual hikes that might be cool with some snow on the ground without having to...
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    Whos gray Tundra on the 91w on saturday 12pm

    Forgot to post up yesterday.... So who was it?
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    Garage floor uneven, can it be fixed easily?

    My garage floor, on the exterior wall is considerably uneven, its enough that if I have my tool boxes pushed up against that wall, an empty drawer will open on its own. Sockets obviously take off on their own and roll away if they are on top. The rest of the garage is fine, just along that...
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    Opti-Coat / ceramic coatings - Is it worth it?

    I'm still trying to decipher the BS from the truth on these coatings. I cant figure out if this stuff is actually worth it. I've read a few threads on here with obvious mixed info. Commercial vs Retail products, Professional vs Apply yourself. I'm really only talking about Autos here Its been...
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    Movie for the weekend?

    Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second time? I'm trying to figure out if this is for real or what....
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    Catering in Orange County for smaller group

    Was curious if anyone had any luck with a catering company servicing Orange County. This will be a smaller group guessing around 20 people. Its for my moms 70th so i'd like to do something kind of nice, sister suggested a taco guy, but thats kind of boring and more fitting for a 8 yr old bday...
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    Heavy gel oxidation, which compound?

    So my dads boats been in his back yard for years covered, and its taken a toll the gel. I was going to clean it up for him as best I can. I've read quite a few different methods, and it seems like I'll try a heavy compound, along with a heavy foam pad on a porter cable DA buffer. So which...