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    Shipping a BBC

    Found a motor that I want at a good price, the problem is it's in Oregon and I'm in SoCal. Anyone have ideas for the most economical way to ship a motor, or does anyone go from Oregon to southern California or lake Havasu?
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    Budget BBC build

    As some of you may know I picked up this El Camino a few weeks back. It currently has a stockish 350 with a Muncie 4spd. I do not want to do an LS swap, as I want to keep it more of a classic muscle car. I was thinking about doing a blown small block or some sort of 383 build, but now I'm...
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    Issue with Bravo 1 prop

    We recently rigged a 26 Howard cat with a new in box Bravo 1 outdrive. We then installed a new Merc prop with a new Merc installation kit and the prop seems to wobble on the shaft. Any ideas?
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    SBC build

    Just picked up this 65 El Camino and I want to see if I can squeeze a little more power out of it. Eventually I'd like to build a 350 with a 671 sticking through the hood, but for now I'd like to make the most of this motor. I popped off a valve cover and it has some decent steel heads...
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    New project 65 El Camino

    Just picked this up and plan to do a classic restomod build. The good is it has a muncie 4spd, new suspension and brakes, and beautiful paint and interior. The bad is some crappy rust repair in the smugglers box, and the lower cowl where the fenders bolt to the body. I ordered the sheet...
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    [WTB] Hatch actuator

    Before I order a new one I figured I'd check with you guys 1st. Looking for one like this. Approximately 27" retracted. https://www.cpperformance.com/p-30-18-inch-stroke-electric-hatch-actuator.aspx
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    03/04 Cobra Terminator

    Anyone here ever own one? I'm looking for a new car to play around with and I've always loved the look and sound of these. I've had multiple fox bodies and currently own a 2015 GT, but I don't know too much about the Terminator
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    Hyundai Santa Fe

    Anyone own one? Looking at a certified pre-owned 2017 as an extra car for the family. Something to go to the river with, and other trips with the whole family. We have an old suburban at the river so towing is not a concern. I was initially looking at used Ford explorers but the bang for buck...
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    2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins

    My uncle is thinking about selling his truck. 2wd long bed with 120k miles. All stock and maintained very well. They occasionally towed a horse trailer so it's currently set up for a goose neck. He asked me what it's worth, I'm thinking 13k is fair, what do you think? Just installed a new...
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    Bravo 1 wiring?

    Currently rigging a Howard Cat which has a brand new Bravo 1. The drive has 6 wires coming through the gimbal which I'm trying to indentify. 2 blacks wires, both with male connectors. 2 black wires, one with a male connector, the other with a female connector. And finally, one red and one...
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    [WTB] Boat dock

    Looking for a boat dock. Anyone know of any used docks for sale, prior to pulling the trigger on a new one.
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    Hatch options

    We are in the process of rigging this 26 Howard and the motor is a little too tall. Now we're trying to decide which route to go. Any feedback or photos of what you did would be greatly appreciated. Option 1 is to cut a round hole so the flame arrestor sticks through. Option 2 is a...
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    Question about wiring a boat

    My dad, brother and I are rigging a 26' Howard and we have most of the electrical done, but I have a few questions. We have a fuse panel under the dash, but I'm wondering if we need an additional fuse panel and relays near the motor for the hatch actuator, bilge pump, blower and trim pump. The...
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    [WTB] Donovan style breathers

    Looking for a set of Donovan style breathers like these.
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    Need a dock builder

    My parents are buying a house on the river in Mohave Valley and we'll need a dock. Something used would be great. Looking for something rectangular, maybe 8x16. Any recommendations?
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    Garage builders near Mohave Valley

    I'm looking for someone to build a garage at my parents house in Mohave Valley. We'd like a steel building around 30x40. I'd prefer a shop that does it all, pull electrical from house, pour slab and build steel building. Thanks.
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    26' Howard Cat engine hatch clearance

    We're in the process of rigging a 26' Howard cat with this motor and I'm a little worried it's going to be too tall. Unfortunately the boat is at my parents house in socal and all the upholstery is in AZ at the river house, so I'm not sure how high the hatch sits. I notice a lot of Force...
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    Mechanical vs electric trim gauge

    We're in the process of rigging a 26' Howard cat that's never been in the water, but already has gauges and upholstery installed. One of the gauges it has is a Gaffrig mechanical trim indicator. I'm not crazy routing another Morse cable and drilling an additional hole in the transom. Does...
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    Fuel system questions

    We're installing a naturally aspirated 700hp 540 in our Howard Cat. I'm getting ready to plumb the fuel system and have some questions. The motor is running a 1050 Dominator with a -6 line supplying each float bowl. The two -6 hoses goes back to a diverter fed by a single -8 from the...
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    Assorted BBC parts

    I have some parts left over from the our motor build. Not sure what a lot of it's worth. Open to offers. Assorted pushrods, Crowers are brand new, other ones have just dyno time. Brand new Morel hydraulic lifters, unfortunately one lifter collapsed on dyno. Morel quoted a new one for 60, or...