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    [SOLD] Big Dog Oil Cooler

    Brand new American Industrial AB 702 oil cooler. Endurance racing or huge blower motor type cooler. Overkill for 90% of us. Bought when thinking about pulling the kid ski racing. Never installed. Seen on EBay for 1 grand or more. Would rather see it on a boat. Will deliver to Billy B deal at...
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    [WTS] 1” Magna Flow Water pump

    Could probably use a new cover. It’s bowed a little bit. I normally lightly apply silicone with my finger to assure a seal. Other than that no issues. $200.00
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    Question for the tax experts

    So if you overpay your taxes due, you get a refund. Ok, dummy here gets that. But why is my State of California refund from last year considered “income” for this year??? WTF. I’ve always wondered why that is? Doesn’t this seem like double jeopardy somehow? I don’t remember ever paying my...
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    Who is up for Cen Cal next weekend?

    There’s no one on the lake today.... It’s supposed to be low 80’s next weekend! Anybody up for another day or two before it’s all done for the year ? Our family weekends are done but I’m not... Pine Flat Lake. I’m offering up my place at the lake Friday and Saturday. I’ll set the houseboat...
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    A short video from last summer

    My son playing with a cheapy drone last summer. Just tripped over the video when looking through my phone and thought I’d share. 77 Sleek (1 family boat), 21 Lavey Craft with 496 HO Mag, 85 Sanger Mini with 565
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    Need advice on quick Grand Canyon visit

    So we are going to pick up son from college at NAU in Flagstaff. On the way we were thinking of a quick visit to Grand Canyon as I’ve never been. Looks like we will stay in Williams Wednesday evening (unless there is somewhere better to stay?). Then Thursday to GC. We need to be in Flag...
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    Boating content but at least it's a video

    A short video from this past Sunday morning. Video is a bit shaky but I love the view from the back seat ( I rarely get to see it ). A cruise up lake with my Buddy in a Lavey. Hope it doesn't offend too much.
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    Another HVAC Question

    I'm going to change my roof mount packaged A/C system in next few weeks. Guy just out and quoted me on new 5-ton, 16 seer AC. 2 stage (because I want to have 2-zones). New stand, new elbow and new ductowork (R-8) and thermostats. My real question is he is quoting a Coleman Unit with 10 years...
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    Pine Flat 2017 July 8/9

    So I've been following the Naci Bash, and I think it's awesome. I'm definitely not trying to steal anyone's thunder but I just wanted to offer up my place for a weekend if anybody is interested in venturing to Cen Cal and can't make the Naci Bash. Pine Flat is in the Sierra Foothills East of...
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    Barber Welding.Rudder Question

    So I'm going to have Barber make a new rudder for my cruiser (just being safe). 2 choices. steel and Stainless with Stainless being almost twice the money. I've always thought Steel was better but Kent has me wondering. I'm not worried about rust of Steel. Already use WD 40 and steel wool...
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    Sanger Mini sighting

    It's beautiful. Anybody know it?
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    Any rental available in The Keys next week?

    Picking up my engine from Barry. Just need a 1 night rental (thurs 12th). We'll be heading home Friday morning. I know unlikely for just 1 night but wanna put it out there in case it'll work for someone. It'll be just me and my wife. Curious about the Keys vibe. Thanks in advance
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    Let's see some of your older pics showing why you love this lifestyle

    The resume thread got me wanting to see some of your old pics. I'll start. late 80's pine flat. The Mandella 6 runs a day wore us out evidently. Trying to keep up with "the old man"-- How was it, he was never tired?? I was rockin' my "Canvas By Katin" (sp?) shorts...
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    Ski video from today

    Here's a video taken today. My buddy's 54th birthday. His beautiful daughter made a video of his ski run. I think it's awesome! He must of been getting a bit tired by his 3rd set of turns, but it makes for awesome crash entertainment! Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/sT-9q2cLKIk
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    RDP Express -- Northern route

    I'm heading to parker from Fresno on Saturday morning (early). I'll just have an engine in the back of the truck. Have some room if somebody needs anything carried out. I'll be heading hwy 99/58/40.
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    Damn Pan bolts

    The pan bolts on my engine keep loosening up. It's pita to tighten while in the boat due to no room. And I frickin' hate the little oil leaks, when loose... Dart BBC with 10 Qt Armando's pan, if that matters. Engine is currently out, so now is the time. I wanna safety wire the...
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    Any body up for a ride Friday?

    Since I don't golf and I'm not fast enough to show off on Saturday :D, anybody up for a cruise on Friday?? I wanna be back in time for the parade, but other than that, I'm flexible. I'd like to cruise from Needles down through the gorge. Maybe stop and have a beer or two. Whatever works...
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    summer pics. Boating content--sorry

    And family fun at that.. Sorry no booby pics either.. Sorry in advance. :D This group has been boating together for 25+ years. Still having fun and now passing the baton on to the kids.. Yep- Booze crusin' Making some ski passes while the House boat is chugging...
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    saw this for sale

    Whole boat looks completely re-done. Not mine, just saw it while driving around. Be happy to take another look with a bette camera if anyone is interested. What is it??
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    Finally made it to the ocean..

    Gotta buddy who lives in Huntington. He bought a boat,so now we can visit. :D Yep-- the ocean thing is pretty cool.. Time to make some new friends and try to figure this fishing shit out..We got the drinking down.. The new ride. Checkin' out Huntington Harbor Full...