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  1. UltraLucky

    Curt Leduc Swap meet

    Usually some good off-road stuff. Tonight/Tomorrow
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    The loss of knowledge

    I knew the day was coming and spent years making sure there were no regrets but the loss of that old school knowledge, wisdom, mentor and friend is tough. I was fortunate to spend a considerable amount of time with my father but even in those last moments you learn something new and realize how...
  3. UltraLucky

    SXS for work

    We are picking up more and more projects at remote sites like military bases in the desert and seems like a good excuse to pick up a SxS. Only real side x side option I am seeing out there that has a usable bed or is practical to work out of is the ranger crew, any other options? Hoping what...
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    [WTB] Rev 4 25p

    Looking for a Mercury Rev 4 prop RH 25p. Thanks
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    X - Dimensions?

    Or more specifically were is your prop shaft in relation to the Keel? Curious what others with straight 'V" performance boats are at. On my Hallett 210 the prop shaft is 7" below the keel line and the boat loves to be trim'nd out but will chine walk with excessive positive trim.
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    WTB -2" Lower

    Looking for -2" lower case or complete with 1 1/4 prop shaft.
  8. UltraLucky

    Black Chrome

    Looking for a shop to have some parts plated with a Black Chrome or black PVD finish. Any recommendations in the LA ,OC , IE area?
  9. UltraLucky

    Indoor RV Storage IE

    Looking for indoor RV storage leads in the Upland/Rancho Area Minimum 35' with 14' high doors. Current Warehouse Storage I am using just changed owners. Thanks
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    IMCO Powerflow or CMI E top?

    Looking too replace the exhaust manifolds on 454 Mag carbed engine. Engine is currently stock but will get rebuilt in the next year or so with some upgrades into the 500 to 600hp range. Will stay NA. Question is will there be a noticable performance difference between these two styles of...
  11. UltraLucky

    Disk or Drum

    Updating the brakes on my trailer overhaul and trying to decide on replacing the drum assemblies or switching out to Disks since the master is getting replaced as well. My last Trailer, an Extreme had disks on both axles and was a constant pain in the ass getting the reverse solenoid to work...
  12. UltraLucky

    Hallett 210 refresh

    Picked up this Hallett 210 last Friday, Cosmetically she's had a rough 20+ years. Plans to update the interior, trailer and repair the gel coat damage.
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    Railroad Flagman

    Anyone have a contact for hiring flagman for railroad work in LA County. This is for work immediately adjacent to the track. Railroad Companies have always supplied them inthe past but are now asking the consultants to supply.
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    ?? for the Bankers on here

    Who decides to put a hold on a check? This on a Wells Fargo Buisness account. Tellers never put on holds. Last week a manager processed the deposit and I end up with a 2 day hold. Today I make a deposit for less (same manager) and I end up with a seven day hold. Who controls this? They act...
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    2004 Chevy Siverado 4wd Ext Cab Z71

    2004 Z71 Extended Cab SOLD
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    40 Hour HAZWOPER

    Any suggestions / experience on 40 hour HAZMAT online training. Is online acceptable by OSHA or will they even know the difference?
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    2001 Ultra 210 RS

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    Spectra 24 V-drive

    Saw this on Race desert http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=15&md=second&id=1024
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    2002 Chevy 2500 4x4 extended cab

    2002 Chevy 4x4 2500 [SOLD